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fy (international)

Part of Speech: Abbreviation

Word meaning / definition:
1) ISO-639-1 code for the West Frisian language
1) ISO-639-2 code and ISO-639-3 code:fry

fy (Swedish)

Part of speech: interjection

Word meaning / definition:
1) expresses the spontaneous rejection - reproach, aversion, dissatisfaction or disgust - of the speaker; Pooh
Related terms:
1) aja baja, hu, tvi, tvi vale, usch, asch
Application examples:
1) Fy, hur elak you ar!
   Pooh, how mean you are!
1) Fy så här ser ut!
   Pooh, how does it look here!
1) Fy fan vad vi har blivit lurade!
   Pooh Hell, how we were duped!
1) Nej, fy hemskt!
No, Pooh, how terrible!
Saying / idioms:
fy attan, fy baj, fy bajs, fy bubblan, fy fabian, fy fan, fy farao, fy fasen, fy fasiken, fy för den lede, fy hundan, fy katten, fy kattsingen, fy sjutton, fy sjuttsingen, fy skäms, fy tusan, inte fy skam
Typical word combinations:
1) åh, fy!; no, fy!
Word formations:


Similar words (German): furir, fyrspr = sv

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