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Soul grave

Soul grave





The Soul grave, also Soul marrow[1] called, is a section of the realm of oblivion and a setting in the main quest of The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.

Description [edit | Edit source]

The spent souls of those trapped in soul stones are often sent to this Oblivion plane, which is ruled by the Perfect Masters. There they must serve them and remain there if they are not extinguished or sold.

In order to gain access to the soul grave, it is necessary to pay a tribute in the form of a soul. The rulers of the soul grave usually withdraw life essence from every living being until it dies, but one can avoid this fate by paying tribute. In this case, however, the own soul is divided, which leads to the weakening of the said person.

Vampires are an exception to this rule. As the undead, no life can be withdrawn from them. The transformation to a vampire is the only way to enter the soul grave without weakening. In the main quest, Serana offers to split the soul and heal your own soul after completing the quest. For the time in the soul grave, however, one is then dependent on strengthening and protection. These can be found in the form of soul envelopes, which soften the weakening effect when you carry them with you. They can be found on altars, in ruins, or on bone men.

Quests [edit | Edit source]

Structure and appearance Edit source]

It is dark and depressing in the soul grave. The sky is bluish purple and lightning often illuminates the darkness, followed by thunder breaking through the silence. If you look around the soul grave, you will see that the ground consists of ash and earth. Dead trees, tombstone-like structures, fog, dark crypts, cracks, ghostly noises and mountains of bones, which themselves come from dragons, characterize this realm. In the middle of the soul grave is a huge castle in which Valerica was held. You can see stones in the ground that have a round hole at the top. The remarkable thing about them is that most of the lightning bolts that occur in the soul grave strike exactly there. In some of these holes something glows blue-greenish.

If you shoot an arrow through this light source, you activate different things depending on the light. There is also a lightning rod in which you can place large or powerful soul stones. If you do this, lightning strikes the arrester and transforms the soul stone placed in it into a black variant. You have no access to the rest of the realm because you are fenced in in infinitely high fields of force.

You will meet many tormented souls who look like ghosts, but also other inhabitants. Some of the creatures that dwell in the tomb are hostile to you. Most are shadow-like undead, of which there are several varieties.

People [edit | Edit source]

Enemies [edit | Edit source]

  • Bone men look like pitch black skeletons with purple eyes. They often carry one-handed weapons or old north bows, and usually appear in large numbers.
  • Fogmen also look like black skeletons, but they have no legs and instead float. Fogmen are sorcerers and fire frost spells at their enemies from a distance. They aren't as common as bone men, but they're not very rare either.
  • Wrathmen are more like a ghostly draugr. They mostly wear armor such as Draugr Scourges and mainly use two-handed weapons. Their bones on the sides are slightly transparent and bluish in color. They are rarer than bone and fog men.
  • Gatekeepers are the strongest of these creatures, and you will see that clearly when you fight them. They are almost twice the size of the player and wear dragon bone armor. Her head is like a black flame with blue eyes. Each of the three guards carries a different dragon bone weapon: one with a bow, the other with a one-handed weapon with a shield, and the last with a two-handed sword. The gatekeepers are located in large, eye-catching towers, the top of which is illuminated. If you defeat all three, the barrier to the great cemetery fortress will collapse.
  • Durnehviir is a cursed dragon that guards Valerica and attacks you while she is rescuing. If you defeat him, you can call him, whereupon he shouts another word each timeSoul ripper teaches and helps in battle.
  • Reaper: After you have deposited all three cutting stone fragments in the reaper's cave, you can go into battle against this unique opponent.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

The soul grave already appeared in An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, in which it was the third level of the game. Even then it was inhabited by Bone Men, Fog Men and Wrath Men and even the Perfect Masters could be found there.

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