Why did you sell your Tesla car

Tesla built over 500,000 electric cars in 2020, almost 500,000 deliveries

Elon Musk's 2013 and 2014 forecast came true as expected, half a million Teslas.

With these growth rates from Tesla compared to the previous year, this is once again a really great result in this corona year, especially when all the major manufacturers have probably recorded clear double-digit sales declines. The monthly graphic from KBA is impressive, all deep red, only Tesla clearly green.

This has a huge impact on the costs and the lost DB1 from the other manufacturers will be clearly noticeable. The expensive restructuring measures are already in full swing.

Now I'm excited to see the profit increase at Tesla. My cautious forecast for Q4 was a good $ 750 million in Q4 a few weeks ago. Due to the now published sales volume (the real number will be slightly higher, as always), a cornerstone for my Tesla profit estimate has already been fixed with a provisional sales value from Tesla. So it looks very good :-).

Corona wants 2021 to be an even better year for Tesla. The further production optimizations for the M3 in China (+ 50k) will probably compensate for the conversion-related Fremont numbers. But the MY production ramp-up in China, which began in Q4, will still lead to at least + 50% (+ 250k), with corresponding effects on profits. Since the MY is currently even cheaper to manufacture than the M3, the MY changes were / will also be ported to the M3 and lead to significant cost reductions there. The margins will therefore be fantastic. The additional amounts from the GF in Grünheide and Austin will be transferred to M. to be found slightly in sales in 2021, but will probably be more neutral in results in 2021. What will have a positive effect on the result are the amounts accrued so far for the autopilot for the vehicles sold in 2016 to 2020 (AP2). That could be in the range of 1 billion (!!!) alone, profit of course. And everyone can work out what to expect for 2022 ;-).

What is actually going on with the share price, which rises and rises and rises .. So the new Roadster 2 in Tedla share prices from 05/2019 now costs less than 15,000 € :-). At least in Asia and Europe, the announced volume figures are very well received, let's see what happens later in the USA, because that's where the music is playing.

The next disruption will be M.n. Coming from Crispr in 5-10 years in the industry, also thanks to Corona. From now on, BEVs are an absolute no-brainer.