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When should my company create its own app?

One question that companies keep asking themselves is: Does my company need a mobile app? From our experience we can say: Depending on! Not all companies need to create a good app of their own right away. In fact, there are many business decisions that you should address first.
However, your company can accept Productivity, sales, branding if you have your own mobile app. In this article on our blog, we want to answer a number of questions that can arise when programming apps. We created these questions and assumptions to determine if you need an app - or not.
If you answer “yes” to one or more questions, your own app can be of use to you and your company.

Why does my company need an app?

There are many reasons why your business could use its own app. One of the main reasons is certainly that an app supports the Significantly increase the productivity of a company can.

In this article we want to help you find out whether an app makes sense for your company. We also want to see where you are and where exactly an app can help you. Do you find yourself and your company in one of the following situations?

# 1 I solve internal processes with an app, with Excel, on paper, etc.

It is possible that this situation is reflected in your company. It is also likely that this will not the most efficient form of solving some processes is.
We are referring to that Reservation of conference rooms, shift changes, work calendars, vacation planning, etc.. Likewise when sharing large amounts of data, such as invoices and contracts.
These are just a few examples that can be solved in Excel tables or on paper. The more complex the company and the tasks, the more complicated it becomes to solve problems in this way.

Developing your own app could be a good solution. This could be used to handle many internal processes. An app can automate many tasks without an employee having to deal with them.

# 2 I want to process reservations and appointments more easily

Imagine the following situation. They have a large customer base who call by phone and contact you by email. Mostly to make reservations or appointments. You need at least three people to manage this. Why not have your own app developed, so that the customers organize this task themselves?

  • Gyms
  • Beauty salons
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Public facilities

In these cases it is useful for the customer to make his reservation himself. For example, reserving a field on the sports field to play squash, an appointment with a fisioterapist or the hairdresser.

Simplifying this task helps us speed up the process. We can also concentrate on more important things.

# 3 I want to improve the quality of my service. Is there an app for that?

It may be that you solve everything very efficiently within your company. So you don't need any app for your company. However, it is possible that You can improve the service with your own app. To do this, we can go back to the previous examples. From gyms to auto repair shops etc.
You can also give your customers a additional service to offer. For example, a driving school can use an app to prepare for exams. With tests and preparatory questions.
Some ways to give your service a quality plus are the following:

  • Offer extra service
  • Process reservations and appointments more easily
  • Simplify payment by smartphone
  • Give personal discounts

# 4 Can I simplify management tasks with an app?

Let's get back to the internal management of the business.Your own app can be helpful in various areas of management. Your sales department, for example, will certainly be positive about an app.
So you should think about an app in order to Support your salespeople. Reasons could include these:

  • A unique presentation of your company. Hello new And away from traditional PDF or Powerpoint.
  • You will have a better rating for your brand. The customer generally rates a brand better with such a service.
  • Visibility of your success stories and collaborations.It is an ideal display and portfolio for selling your products.
  • Simple representation.A company can be presented perfectly with a tablet or smartphone with a good screen. Paperwork or a computer are no longer necessary.
  • You always have the app with you . Even if you're at an event and only have your mobile phone with you, you can give a quick presentation.

There are many reasons a mobile app can help you in sales. However, you must have planned very well what it will help you. You need to know your customers and users of the app. Because developing an app just so that you have an app is useless.

# 5 I want to reach tech-savvy customers and users

The User affinity is the key to any business. In order to reach the customers that a rather "Mobile profile" and specialize in technology, you must speak the same language.
In this case it will be essential to program an app. So you have a direct connection to the user and can reach them through personalized notifications, offers, advertising, reminders and content. All of this can be tailored precisely to the user.
Many companies can benefit from these apps. Supermarkets are a good example. If these offer the possibility of viewing offers in real time and receiving personalized discounts through the app, they simplify the process and win customers.

# 6 I want to sell my products and services on the go

Example for an m-commerce app
This is an example that native apps are not always the right solution. Increasing sales through the app can also be a goal of the company.
But before that there is one more step: One Web app version of your website would be a start. If that works, you can think about an m-commerce app. But the first step is always to optimize and simplify the website.
Simplifying the payment process is important when selling via smartphone. The easier the payment process, the more sales increase.
When you have done that, you can start programming your own M-Commerce app.
This type of app is only suitable for stores that already have an online shop. Thus, the app is a way of reaching new customers. But also to simplify the process and encourage existing customers to buy.

# 7 My goal is to speed up internal communication and communication with the customer.

An important goal is to increase internal productivity. But also to save time. Without question, these are two of the main reasons companies create their own app.
Communication between the company's employees and the customer is complicated. Especially when we have a large team or many customers.

As a result, it can be very useful to create your own app. So you can share information and send invoices or contracts. But an app is also important to clarify questions and improve customer service.
A bot may also be an option for your company. Some simple tasks can be solved in real time under the supervision of the customer.

# 8 How can I modernize my company?

If you want to modernize your business, investing in apps can be very interesting for you. Mainly because of the many potential users that an app offers.
It may be that none of the ideas we have mentioned suits you. If you want to improve your image, be creative and less commercial. Of course, if you want to make better use of your funds, you need a different app. In the case of an internal modernization, the procedure is completely different again.

¿None of the suggestions suit you?

If none of the suggestions suit you, but you still want to create your own app, we'd be happy to listen to you.
Create your project on our platform and we will contact you. So we can see together how an app can help your business.
If you already know how an app can be useful to you, get started now. Create a precise project plan and find a suitable app developer. When looking for the right professional, you can count on us!

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