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Electricity cost calculator: Calculate consumption in watts

WirtschaftsWoche's electricity cost calculator quickly and precisely calculates the electricity consumption, even for individual devices, which enables a comparison.

This is how the electricity cost calculator works

In order to calculate the electricity consumption and the electricity costs of a device, a few details are required from you in order to be able to provide you with a reliable result. On the left side of the calculator, you can specify the consumption of the respective device in watts - you can usually find this in the manufacturer's information. Then please select how many hours a day the device is in operation.

While the refrigerator is likely to run around the clock, the coffee machine is only in use for a few minutes a day. Please also indicate how many days a week the device is active so that an extrapolation for the month and year is possible. Last but not least, please ask the electricity provider about your contractually stipulated electricity price per kWh (kilowatt hour) and enter this as a euro amount in the bottom field of the calculator. The information symbols provide you with additional information on filling the boxes.

Once you have made all the entries, the electricity cost calculator will calculate the electricity consumption and electricity costs for the day, week, month and year based on your information. You can compare several devices with one another and consider whether an old device should be replaced. Because if you choose the power-saving variants when choosing electrical devices, you can save money.

The biggest energy guzzlers in the household and how to save electricity effectively

Nobody wants to pay back at the end of the year, not even for electricity. Usually one wonders anyway how the high electricity bill came about again. Before you consider changing provider, check whether you can find one of the following energy guzzlers in your home.

1. Obsolete heat pumps

Old heat pumps are often the most common cause of unnecessarily high electricity bills. They quickly consume up to 800 kilowatt hours a year, which can then be reflected in the bill with an amount of around € 150. To counteract this, you should have your heating pumps replaced after about 10 years.

2. Electric stove

Many households attach particular importance to good, balanced cuisine. But the stove is one of the biggest power guzzlers in the house. About 80 € of the electricity costs per year can be incurred through the use of the electric stove alone. If you want to save electricity, you should above all invest in high-quality cookware and spend a little more money on the purchase of pots and pans. Also, make sure that the pot completely covers the hob when cooking and use the residual heat effectively.

3. Freezer and refrigerator

Around € 75 per year can be incurred when using a freezer. The fridge is a little less at around € 60. Even if many devices already have energy efficiency class A + or higher, it is mainly the continuous operation of the devices that is to blame for the high costs. In order to save electricity in the long term, it is advisable to place the freezer in a cool place such as the basement. This means that the device has to generate less of its own heat in order to keep the food cool. When choosing the refrigerator, care should also be taken to adapt the size to the people living in the household, so that unnecessary empty spaces inside are avoided. In addition, the following applies to both devices - do not put warm food in them.

To have other energy costs calculated or to compare them, you can also use the other tariff calculators from WirtschaftsWoche.

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