Which countries have the most foreign workers?

In these countries employees with knowledge of German are wanted

More and more jobs require language skills that do not belong to the major business languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Spanish or Arabic. On the job exchange Indeed, the language travel provider LAL researched how things look with German in foreign jobs. To this end, they have analyzed the global job market for job offers that require knowledge of German and show in which countries and in which jobs one has the best chances with German language skills.

The Netherlands, Italy, China, France, Spain and Poland are among the countries with the highest number of job vacancies for German speakers. In these countries in particular, German skills are in great demand on the job.

There is a whole range of economic areas in which you can score points with a job abroad with a knowledge of German.

From the travel relation manager to the animator to the receptionist (guest relation manager) and tour guide, there are numerous vacancies in gastronomy and tourism. Travel companies and hotels with German customers offer their guests a German-speaking service at many holiday destinations. The same applies to car rental companies that operate internationally and have many German customers. Jobs in this area can usually be found under the search term Service Agent.

Many teachers and translators wanted

Many companies abroad are looking for German-speaking employees to translate product descriptions, instructions and manuals. This can be both German companies with a branch abroad, as well as foreign companies that offer their products on the German market or maintain close trading relationships with German companies.

Basically anyone can work as a translator who has the necessary language skills. In this case, however, this applies not only to the German language, but also to the source language. The job opportunities also increase significantly if additional specialist knowledge is available in certain technologies. In addition to the companies themselves, translation agencies abroad also offer corresponding jobs.

Teachers with knowledge of German are also in demand abroad. We are not only looking for German teachers, but also teachers from other fields. Jobs can be found primarily at German-speaking schools as well as at German and international institutes such as the Goethe Institutes, development organizations, universities and churches. For some years now, German has become more and more popular as a foreign language abroad, often in preparation for studying or getting a job in Germany. Language schools abroad also offer good opportunities to teach German language courses.

German-speaking customer service employees asked

Customer service and sales are also large areas in which knowledge of German can be a prerequisite for starting a job abroad. Insurance companies, online shops, international hotel chains, airlines - companies in these areas have high staffing requirements for native speakers from different countries.

German-speaking employees who provide information about a product, about the components of a package tour or about hotel conditions no longer have to be based in Germany. Hotlines and complaints departments are spread all over the world. Due to low wages, companies are increasingly relocating their call centers abroad, for example to Turkey, Poland or South Africa. The most important technical requirement is a stable and fast telephone and internet connection. When looking for a job as a customer service agent with a knowledge of German, one therefore comes across relevant job offers in numerous countries.

Jobs in customer service and sales abroad that require German language skills are also offered for middle and senior management levels. There you have good opportunities to get started as a key account manager, for example.

IT administrators and software developers also in great demand abroad

The IT industry is one of the most international areas of all. Almost nowhere do you find so many employees from different nations. Communication is mostly in English, but native speakers of other languages ​​are often used to build networks in the respective countries of origin and to oversee country-specific market activities. The job offers and development opportunities for IT specialists with knowledge of German abroad are correspondingly diverse.

Just like the IT industry, banks, insurance companies and electronic commerce (e-commerce) operate globally. They serve customers in a wide variety of markets and in different languages. German-speaking employees are also required to look after German customers. Because the operator of a German-speaking online shop does not necessarily have to have a branch in Germany - employees can work comfortably from Spain, Australia or any other part of the world. When it comes to customer care by phone or chat, it is only important that the different time zones are taken into account.

Craftsmen, mechanics and engineers are in demand everywhere

Due to the excellent training in Germany, craftsmen and the like are highly qualified and sometimes earn significantly more abroad than in Germany. Craftsmen, bricklayers and carpenters, but also mechanics, engineers and architects abroad have the opportunity to quickly take on management positions or to work successfully on their own. Many foreign companies help with bureaucratic matters such as visas or work permits.

Background: Around 1.9 million Germans work abroad. In addition, every second student in Germany can imagine working abroad after graduation. After all, 13 percent have actually planned this. German employees are popular abroad; they have a good reputation for being reliable, dutiful and conscientious in their work. "Made in Germany" stands for high quality worldwide.