A question can have two correct answers

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” mishap: One question, two correct answers

So what's up with "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"never existed!

Monday evening, RTL. The pretty Munich resident Alexandra Treppke (single, single, no children) competes with Günther Jauch as a candidate and fights her way through to the 16,000 euro question.

Then the crucial question:

"With certain sales offers one often finds the information" chipped ...? "

Four answers are available:

A: ... ground, polished

B: ... tuned, lowered

C: ... vaccinated, dewormed

D: ... buttoned, figure-hugging

Alexandra Treppke doesn't know what to do next, decides on the 50:50 joker. Two answers remain:

C: vaccinated, dewormed
B: tuned, lowered

The Munich resident is too risky. She finished the game. So decides for the safe 8,000 euros.

Then Günther Jauch resolves: Answer C, ...vaccinated, dewormed, was the correct answer.

What Alexandra Treppke didn't know: Both answers would have been correct! Because cars can too chipped, tuned and lowered be.

Two answers to a question? This has never happened before with "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" BILD.de asked:

RTL spokeswoman Anke Eickmeyer: The combination of terms "chipped, vaccinated, dewormed" is mostly used when selling advertisements for dogs.

“The string of terms 'chipped, tuned, lowered' does not appear in sales offers. There is indeed the so-called "chip tuning", but not a single car is offered on the Internet as "chipped, tuned, lowered". "

This combination of terms was expressly asked, "which was made clear by the use of the quotation marks," said Eickmeyer.

Still weird. Because the answer would not have been right wrong.

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