Is BTS Jimin alcoholic

19 | Get the alcohol!

"Man Jin, you look good, come on now," I say annoyed. I've been sitting on Jin's bed for half an hour because Jin doesn't know what to wear tonight. So now I have to advise him. "Doesn't the baby blue make me too pale?" He asks and looks at himself skeptically in the mirror. "You could put on a baby romper and it would suit you. But still wear something black, otherwise Kevin will offend you." "Why should he insult me?" "Believe me, he offends everything and everyone. And you would be the perfect template for it." I grin at him. Jin takes off the blue sweater and looks for a new one, until suddenly the door is thrown open and a shirtless Namjoon comes in.
"Jin, have you taken off my black hoodie-" he interrupts himself when he sees me. "Oh, what are you doing here?" But my attention is focused on his well-trained upper body. Holla! I slowly look up at him and look directly into his grinning face. "Apparently the training was worth it," he says, still looking at me with a grin. "Ph", I just say of myself and look back at Jin. "Yah you Pabo, please put some clothes on! You can't bare yourself like that in front of my innocent sister!" Jin shouts angrily and throws a sweater at Namjoon. "Thanks, I needed that," says Namjoon, winks at me and then disappears again. I look after him and ask myself, as so often, why I like him so much. He's just a hot womanizer and leader of a gang ...
"You like him don't you?" I look at Jin, confused. "No, stop just as much as the other guys. Hurry up now," I reply and get up to quickly disappear from the room.

A quarter of an hour later we finally arrived at the bar. We enter the building and I feel Jin tense up. I put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Jin-Oppa, don't worry. When Kevin has his vodka, everything will be fine." "Hopefully," he mumbles softly. In the bar we are immediately surrounded by the familiar smell of cigarettes, shisha, joints and alcohol. Our home. Immediately we headed for the bar, Kevin sees us and smiles slightly at us. We come to a stop in front of his counter.
"Hello my darlings! Here Seoyoung, your Vodka and Yuna, your Mixery." "Thank you", we say and sit down on the bar stool.
"Hello Kevin, I'll get to the point in a moment. On behalf of the whole of Bangtan, we apologize for the torture and arrest." Namjoon says and looks at Kevin apologetically, like the rest of them. "Oh, sponge over it. I'm tough. Here you have vodka." He pushes a few shots over and everyone grabs one, except Jungkook, who is looked at by Jin angrily and therefore orders a Coke.
"Oh yes, we still have a present for you.", Yoongi interjects, "a trip to Russia, and there you can go on a private tour of a vodka production facility. Of course you will get the vodka too." Kevin has tears in his eyes. "Ohhh, thank you little gangsters. I can finally go back to my great love!" "Do you have a wife in Russia?" Asks Kookie. "What? No, I mean the good, old, national, traditional Russian vodka. Hmmm"
We all look at him perturbed. "Well then, tell a little bit about yourself. I have to know with whom my girls spend their time," demands Kevin and we start a good conversation.

The problem: Kevin has a huge supply of alcohol. And we're all drinking so much shit right now, the only one who is still relatively 'sober' is Jin. Well, it's his job to drive us all home too. Kevin is now sleeping behind the counter on the floor, Jungkook and Tae have moved into a room before they do it on the Coach, Suga and Yuna have got into some strange conversation and have sat down in the V.I.P. area. Jhope, Jin, and Jimin went down to the basement to look for some stronger alcohol ... and I'm actually flirting with Namjoon right now.