Why is the Kindle not showing in color?

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TechDaily: e-book readers now also in color

The organizers want to advertise electromobility with the scooter races - similar to the electric Formula 1 "Formula E", only significantly cheaper. The costs should also be affordable for amateurs and hobby racers who can compete with real racing drivers on the "eSkootr". Alex Wurz and his colleagues want to present a prototype of their racing scooter this year, which should come from a "recognized high-tech supplier". According to The Verge, the races take place in large cities, possibly even in the opening program of Formula E races.

1-euro BMW: defeat for Ebay buyers

A dashing 3-series BMW for one euro - that's what every Ebay bargain hunter dreams of. For a buyer who had hoped for such a super deal, there is now neither a car nor compensation. This was decided in the second instance by the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court (Az. 6 U 155/19). The man bought a BMW 318d with 172,000 kilometers on the speedometer for one euro by buying it now on Ebay. However, the seller wanted to auction his car regularly and had only inadvertently offered it as an instant buy. Since the oversight was also clearly visible to the buyer, according to the judges, he is neither entitled to the car nor to a comparable vehicle worth around 13,000 euros.

The seller of the BMW had clearly written in his advertisement: "The vehicle must be picked up by the highest bidder within three days of the end of the auction and paid for in cash on site. Buy-now offers are welcome." The buyer wanted to take advantage of the mistake, bought one euro - and sued the seller, who then withdrew the offer. According to Heise, the judges have now decided against the bargain hunter: "If an interested party makes an offer on Ebay with the note: 'Price 1 €' actually 1 Euro, this does not lead to an effective sales contract if there is obviously an oversight."

Apple glasses: production is already running

Apparently, things are getting serious about Apple's "Glass" data glasses, which use augmented reality (AR) to display computer graphics into the wearer's field of vision. The start of sales is not expected until 2021 at the earliest. But at the contract manufacturer Foxconn in Chengdu, China, the first test production of the lenses has apparently already started. According to The Information, Apple glasses left prototype status in May after three years of development work. Now Apple and Foxconn want to gain experience with mass production.

Important parts of the technology apparently come from the startup Akonia Holographic from Colorado, which Apple took over in 2018. The glasses for the data glasses should consist of several layers of different materials. Similar to 3D glasses, stereoscopic images create a spatial impression. Nevertheless, the "Apple Glass" should look like normal glasses, but currently still with relatively large lenses. The test production runs in a clean room environment in the Foxconn factory in Chengdu, in which Apple allegedly also has most of the iPads screwed together.

McLaren brings the Formula 1 mask

The Formula 1 team McLaren is now selling what is arguably the sportiest, fastest (and most expensive) mouth and nose protection in the world. The masks in the legendary company color papaya orange meet the FFP3 protection standard even without any noticeable filters. They consist of several layers of biotech material that filter out viruses and bacteria. The individual layers can be washed and cleaned. Overall, the McLaren masks, which the drivers Carlos Sainz jr. and Lando Norris at the racetrack, offer up to 200 hours of effective corona protection.

The price sounds sporty and luxurious: In the McLaren online shop, a mask for buyers from Germany costs 36.84 euros plus shipping. 100 percent of the profit that the racing team makes with each mask goes to the "We Race As One" organization founded by Formula 1, which is also indicated by the imprint on the mask. She collects money for corona victims as well as for the staff in hospitals and care facilities.