What are interview questions for dsa



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To get to know new groups.

1. Describe the item in your inventory that you would take into a lonely dungeon.
2. Name the fear your character has.
3. State your attitudes towards furry breeds.
4. Choose a teammate. You've seen his character before. Describes this scene.
5. Choose a teammate. Describe a simple object to him. He will tell you how he got your possession.
6. Choose a teammate. You have made something for yourself. He will tell you what help his character can be with you.
7. Choose a teammate. You see more in him than he knows about himself. Describe your view of things to him.
8. After a bad injury you looked behind the veil into the terrible otherworld. Describe what you saw then.
9. Your character narrowly escaped death once. Describe how you did this.
10. You heard about a strange cult. He is very interested in you. Describe two aspects that make up the belief of the cult.
11. You have heard of a mystical place. He arouses your curiosity. Describe two details that make the place so special.
12. Does your character prefer the day or the night? Describe the state your character experiences when their less popular time of day comes.
13. You are carrying around an item that you took from a dead person. What is so special about him that you carry him around?
14. You are interested in a field of knowledge. Choose a teammate. He tells you the area of ​​knowledge. He was recommended to you, which is why you contacted him to talk to him about it.
15. You have seen a supernatural apparition. Choose a teammate. There is something about his character that reminds you of it. He will name you an object and you will describe what reminds you of it.
16. Describe a plan your character has for the future.
17. Your character has already had an experience with an addictive substance. Describe what effects this has.
18. Choose two other characters. Everyone gives you a keyword. These have something to do with a prophecy that you were once prophesied.
19. Your character has experienced something beautiful. Choose another character. He gives you a keyword and you describe what exactly it is about.
20. Describe an animal that is similar to your character and has a relationship with you.