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SAIT Polytechnic is a FOUNDATION Certified training provider. Since 2000, we have been supporting managers, engineers and technicians around the world with our certified end-user training to fully exploit the potential of FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology. Founded in 1916, SAIT is Canada's leading polytechnic institute, providing relevant, hands-on training to 75,000 students annually. SAIT offers two baccalaureate degrees, 82 certificates, diplomas and applied courses, more than 30 apprenticeships and 1,675 further education, national and international, corporate training, recognized and unrecognized training courses. Our goal is to be an innovative organization that enables people to survive successfully in a changing world of work by providing them with relevant, practice-oriented training.



SAIT Polytechnic

Training program in Calgary

Due to the recent campus expansion, SAIT Polytechnic is currently expanding its fieldbus training laboratories and will therefore only plan a new training program after this work has been completed.



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To register or receive more information, contact Corporate Training at SAIT Polytechnic at 403.210.5757, or call 1.866.884.7117 toll-free from North America, or email [email protected]


Corporate training

SAIT Polytechnic is a leading provider of employee development solutions for companies in a wide range of industries worldwide. Our qualified training experts bring years of training, practical and industrial experience to the development and implementation of competence-based training courses and programs for corporate groups and individuals. Our training courses, which are available at any time, take place in person, online, as self-study or in a mixed form in order to meet the specific operational needs and learning requirements.



Location of the SAIT Polytechnic Campus

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