What would happen if NATO invaded China?

Eastern Ukraine conflict NATO expresses "serious concern" about Russian troop movements

First and foremost, nobody in this country really expected that the ceasefire from last July would actually last so long and be entirely successful. However, it was noticed early this year that the losses of the Ukrainian army were increasing, so the current development is not a huge surprise. And when the Ukrainians lost four soldiers in one day at the end of March, that was a clear sign that this attempt at a ceasefire also failed in the end.

It is true that one is certainly concerned about the current escalation, especially with regard to the relocation of troops to the Ukrainian border, but also with regard to the Russian state media, which in the last few days has been a great story from the undoubtedly tragic death of a four-year-old child near Donetsk, with whom the Ukrainian army and the drones it allegedly used have little to do with (the distance from the front line is too great). Such opinion campaigns are always to be understood as a bad sign, which is why the Ukrainian media of the so-called patriotic spectrum are overdramatizing them. The RT boss Margarita Simonjan, for example, publicly calls for the Donbass to be taken over by Russia, which should not be underestimated.

Of course, due to the final phase of the construction of Nord Stream 2, it is not exactly to be expected that the very big war will break out again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. However, President Zelenskyi recently took several clear steps against Russia, including sanctioning Vladimir Putin's personal friend and the influential pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk. It was expected that Russia would show its teeth in response to this. That is why it is clear to most in Kiev that there will be an answer from Moscow - whether now or only when the NS2 is finished. Even then, a direct Russian invasion is unlikely to be expected.