You can advertise on Facebook groups

Facebook: Sponsored Posts are now also available for groups

Facebook would like to further promote engagement in groups and has now launched a new feature that will also make them more interesting for advertisers. It is already possible to place ads in a group's feed. However, group members can now post posts that are marked as a partnership with a brand.

Facebook is thus expanding its tools for branded content on the platform. Social media expert Matt Navarra shared a screenshot on Twitter in which Facebook explains the new feature. The social media platform explains:

Facebook has built monetization tools across different surfaces to help individuals and organizations generate reliable revenue that's sustainable over time, and we're excited to launch a set of tools that will enable communities, specifically, for the first time, to meaningfully monetize their engaged group audience by partnering with brands to create 'branded' posts.

The new feature could bring about a decisive improvement, especially for group administrators. Because they can better monetize the reach of the groups through the sponsored posts. Facebook already gives group managers the option of calculating entry costs for certain groups.

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Over a billion Facebook users are regularly active in groups

It is not without reason that Facebook pays more attention to the groups on the platform. Because these are regularly used by over a billion users - they usually exchange information on very specific topics in the groups. For businesses, this means that you can reach a tailor-made target group here - with a suitable offer or a corresponding brand message. In addition, advertisers could benefit from the discussions that often arise under posts in such groups. For example, users could report on their experiences with a product or service. For group administrators, this means, in addition to a better monetization basis, that they have to pay more attention to the credibility and maintenance of user trust in the group.

The new feature is only available for public Facebook groups with over 1,000 members. In addition, the groups must comply with Facebook's partner monetization guidelines.