What are some of your secret fetishes

The 13 weirdest fetishes

It is well known that tastes are different. And of course that also applies to people's sexual preferences. From unusual to weird: These 13 sex practices not only guarantee unusual sex, but are sure to cause astonishment and smiles in one or the other.

1. Mechanophilia: The machine fetish

Machines are really fascinating: you just connect them to the electricity and they hum and hum to themselves. Depending on the machine, things can get wilder - just take washing machines or dryers as an example! Are you already fuzzy? No wonder that some people feel drawn not only intellectually but also physically to computers, lawnmowers or vacuum cleaners and have romantic relationships with the devices. Schwups - there is already a fetish. Don't you understand Look at it this way: these partners definitely never object.

2. Looning: The balloon fetish

Balloons? Yes, that's right: Of all the weird fetishes, looning is almost the cutest. This means fetishists who are sexually aroused by balloons. Your smell, the colors, the grip - everything reminds a bit of latex - and the lust for blazing is already there. You want to throw yourself onto a bunch of balloons and… make them burst!

3. Inflatable fetish: The big brother of the balloon fetish

A direct "relative" of looning is the inflatable fetish. Here, for example, inflated balloons, mattresses or swimming rings trigger sexual arousal. Many of the inflatable fetishists stuff the inflated things under their T-shirts or lie on them, either causing them to explode or slowly letting the air out. And this is how the orgasm comes: slowly, steadily increasing or suddenly and surprisingly.

4. Pedal pumping: step on the gas, baby!

Never heard of the pedal pumping fetish? There are already entire channels on the topic on YouTube. So the following seems to be there. Specifically, the aim is to watch women sit in a hot sled and repeatedly step on the gas with their high heels.

5. Hybristophilia: Criminals want to be loved too?

You have probably also heard that some criminals - especially those who have achieved a certain "fame" through their brutal behavior - repeatedly receive love letters from female "fans". Hybristophiles are therefore physically attracted to criminals. The worse the crimes, the "sharper" so to speak.

6. Coprophilia: Delicious, tasty

There's not much to say about this fetish: coprophiles are people who are attracted to feces. To ask? Then quickly to the next fetish ...

7. Agalmatophilia: Ancient Greece would have been heaven on earth

Statues, especially of people, tend to be flattering, depending on the artist's intention. Certain physical advantages can definitely come into their own. And yes, Michelangelo's David definitely counts as a hot sandwich. Maybe that's the point that makes agalmatophiles so hot? These fetishists are not only drawn to statues, however. Then shop window mannequins or rubber dolls have to serve. Just be careful with the latter - there could possibly be one or the other conflict with an inflatable fetishist!

8. Vampirism: May it be a sip of the juice of life?

Not only "Twilight" fans should be able to vividly imagine something under this fetish: Here the fetishists bite their partner in the neck or throat in order to get themselves going. And if a drop or two of blood flows in the process - all the better! However, in vampirism, the gain in sexual pleasure through blood is definitely in the foreground. So just biting doesn't really count.

9. Tampon fetish / menstrual fetish

Sexual pleasure gain when one (s) knows or is allowed to watch when the woman is menstruating? Yes, there is. Also popular with these fetishists: pads with bleeding from the skin. The tampon fetish falls into the same category.

10. Nettle fetish: It's only good when it's really burning

Stinging nettles really hurt, we have all known that since childhood. But there are men who are totally into this feeling in the intimate area. Whether you put the nettle leaves on your testicles or rub them on your penis depends entirely on your personal painful preferences.

11. Dacryphilia: Howl!

Dacryphiles love it when their partner cries. We're not sure whether this fetish will make both of them happy in a relationship ...

12. Dendrophilia: For the love of nature

There are many friends of nature. But only dendrophiles see a forest again with slightly different eyes. A tree that is deeply rooted in the earth also has something erotic about it, right? And how the bark only feels when you rub against the trunk ...

13. Water wings fetish

Have you heard of the (adult) fetishists who like to wear diapers and be swaddled? A related form of this is the armbands fetish. Here it is the highest of feelings for the person concerned to wear armbands.

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