Is wearing makeup the same as lying?

Why do many men dislike make-up?


I wanted to address a topic that mostly affects women, but also men (as far as thinking is concerned).

And please only honest answers and no hypocritical answers.

Why do so many say that "naturalness" is everything? When they really don't think so. You don't need to write me any professor answers either. Especially the men but also some women.

Do you think all women look naturally good?

Have flawless skin?

No pimples?

Or do pimples turn on you like that?

No blue violet dark circles?

Do you think every woman has beautiful peach apricot skin?

Do you think that the hair will automatically sit well without straightening it?

No, it's not as easy as it is with you men. Briefly comb gel on it etc. and you're done.

Do you think we women wouldn’t like to have clean skin? No dark circles?

Unfortunately, not many are lucky enough to be so flawless.

I don't speak for all women, but for many, and for myself.

Then always these sayings Make up sucks, why do women even wear make up on blabla. Is clear. But there are also men who put on make-up so the same goes for them too.

To me, these are all hypocritical lies.