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Create online surveys with QUAMP Survey

Set up a survey

QUAMP Survey differentiates between survey projects and data collection. First choose Survey projects in the Survey Management main menu. For our sample survey, we will first create a new survey project. To do this, choose Create a survey project. Enter the name "Sample survey" on the following page and click Save to confirm. Now switch to the newly created survey project by clicking on its title "Sample Survey".

We'll be one next Data collection in our sample project. To do this, chooseCreate data collection. On the following page you can define the data collection settings. Don't be put off by the multitude of setting options and just enter "Online Survey" as the title. Then confirm with "Apply changes". In the overview you can now see a new data collection called "Online Survey" with a survey period of 30 days from today.

Add questions

In the data collection overview of our sample project, click on the Edit questionnaire icon. The following page shows an overview of all questions as movable blocks. Select in the Selection box - question type - single-choice question. The question overview now shows a new block of questions and shows the detailed settings of the question you just created. To edit all question details later, click the icon for Edit question.

First of all, we want one Question text assign. To do this, click on Enter question text and type "What is your gender? Confirm by clicking Ok. Next we want two possible." reply set up. Type in the column Answer options Enter "2" in the input field and confirm with Add answer options. Now assign the texts "male" and "female" for the answers by clicking on "new selection", entering the text and confirming with OK. By clicking on "Question preview"A preview of the question as it appears in the questionnaire is displayed. Select"Questionnaire preview"in the toolbar to see the entire questionnaire at a glance.

Invite participants

A detailed tutorial on inviting participants with short videos can be found here.

Next we would like to invite the participants to our survey. Since this is an online survey, we only have to provide the potential participants with the link to the online questionnaire. In our example we decide to send an invitation email. QUAMP offers the possibility to create and send these messages.

Switch to the data collection overview of our sample project by clicking in the top menu Survey management the option Data collection choose. In the Sample column, click the Invite Participant icon.

The following page shows an overview of all newsbelonging to our survey. click on write a message. The following form acts like a webmail interface that you have probably used before. Select "Survey: Invitation" as the event type. For the first test, enter your email address in the Recipient field a. Commas, semicolons, spaces and line breaks are supported as separators. Tip: If you manage your prospects in a spreadsheet, just copy the entire column of email addresses and paste it into the Recipients field of the form. Enter a subject and a message text.

With it in the e-mail of every recipient personal questionnaire link is inserted, the message text must be a placeholder contain. click on Show placeholders View above the form and copy the placeholder {survey_url}. Paste the placeholder wherever the Questionnaire link should appear. Finally confirm with Save and recipient list.

The following page shows the recipient overview. Here you can check the syntax of e-mail addresses and correct them if necessary, filter recipients by response status, send e-mails only to certain recipients and reset or delete the invitation and the data record of certain participants.

Create a reminder message

A week or two after the invitation email has been sent, it may be time to remind those respondents who have not yet taken or abandoned the survey. To a Reminder message to create, we proceed as follows:

  1. Switch to the Main menu item News in the News overview. See the Events column the symbol Create sub-message. With one click we create a new message linked to the original (root) message.
  2. In the column receiver you will find a selection field Recipient filter. Select "not started or canceled" and click the icon above Recipients by filtering the root email recipients establish. QUAMP Survey now goes through the list of original recipients and includes those participants in the reminder message who have not yet started or canceled the survey.
  3. Change the event type, subject, and text of the reminder message as desired.
  4. When you have set everything up accordingly, send the reminder e-mail by clicking on Send Message Click, or change the message status to "Outbox" to have them sent automatically within the next 5 minutes.

Download a standard results report

Before the end of the survey period, you have the option of checking the current Results view and various Download reports and save. Without your intervention you are responsible Standard report available to both Frequency tables as well as Graphics contains on all questions. To view this report as Download PDF file, switch to the Surveys overview and click in the Results column Download the results report as a PDF file. In another tutorial we will take a closer look at the creation of reports.

Export survey data

To secure survey data and, if necessary, to carry out further analyzes with statistical packages such as Stata, SPSS or R, we have the option of adding the survey data export. The available output formats are MS Excel and CSV (text). For a comfortable transfer of the entire data set and the code book including variable names, value labels, missing values, etc. QUAMP Survey offers appropriate import scripts. To download an archive with all these files, click in the column Survey data on Download survey data and run the appropriate scripts.


I hope that with this "flash course" I was able to give you a quick and easy introduction to the QUAMP survey. Contact us for questions, suggestions and your feedback!

Your QUAMP survey team!

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