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Relations between the two countries are close and based on trust. Over 40,000 Koreans live in Germany. Korean guest workers (mainly miners, nurses) contributed to the reconstruction of both countries.

President Moon visited Germany in 2017 on his first trip abroad, met Federal President Steinmeier and Chancellor Merkel. Federal President Steinmeier visited Korea for the opening of the Winter Olympics in February 2018. Federal Foreign Minister Maas met Foreign Minister Kang in Seoul in July 2018 and in Berlin in February and August 2020. On the 30th anniversary of German reunification, the speaker of the Korean National Assembly (President of Parliament) traveled to Germany for talks.

Common political concerns are the strengthening of democracy and human rights, multilateralism and the global economic and financial order (G-20) as well as international peacekeeping measures and the fight against the consequences of climate change.

The common experience of national division brings people together. Experts from politics and science have been exchanging ideas on specific technical issues relating to reunification in the German-Korean consultative body every year since 2011 and developing suggestions for the inner-Korean rapprochement process. The German-Korean Forum, with representatives from both civil societies, has been preparing annual recommendations for deepening the various bilateral relationships since 2002.

With its powerful economy and high technological capabilities, South Korea is an important economic partner in East Asia and Germany's third most important sales market in Asia - after China and Japan. Germany is South Korea's most important European trading partner with a bilateral trade volume of 30.2 billion US dollars in 2020. Around 500 German companies or companies with equity participation from Germany employ around 100,000 people in Korea.

South Korea has a leading position worldwide in information and communication technology and is an important partner in scientific cooperation. When it comes to cultural exchange, German classical music arouses great interest in South Korea, while K-Pop and K-Drama are finding more and more supporters among the young German generation.

South Korea's transparent and effective approach to the corona crisis has become a model for measures in Germany in many areas. In close exchange between South Korean and German authorities, the two countries also advocate global cooperation in coping with pandemics.


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