How do I ask my intuition something

“Don't act like that!” Why your intuition is your greatest strength (and you probably don't even know it yet).

It is clear to everyone that people are outwardly different because you can see it clearly: tall, small, fat, thin, young, old, etc.
The personality is also obvious: one is spirited or sociable, the other is more calm, creative or profound.
All of this is known and more or less accepted (well, there is still a lot of development potential in both areas, but at least everyone knows that).

What, on the other hand, is often underestimated or completely denied - because it is difficult to put into words and completely invisible - is perception, in other words: "How do I perceive a situation / a mood / another person?"

The perception is what you INTUITIVELY feel BEFORE your mind turns on and gives you 3 explanations.
The perception is an inner feeling, a gut feeling - not an OPINION or a CHANGE OF MOOD or MOOD.

How you get to know this perception better, and how it becomes your greatest superpower: that's what my text today is about.

1. Your perception is your greatest treasure.

Hard to believe, but true ;):
your perception is your absolutely greatest treasure - it is not your breasts, your smile or your joie de vivre;).
I can't stress it enough:
The ability to sense something intuitively is a gift.
A gift.
A blessing.

Appreciate this perception more than anything else.
Do not suppress them, do not belittle them, and above all:
don't let others downplay them (I'll get to that in a moment).

Everything you value automatically increases in importance and size in your life.
What you focus on grows stronger on its own.

Therefore, from now on you can sincerely enjoy the way you perceive something:
your intuition guides you absolutely surely and you can always rely on it.
I myself only live like that and trust in my innermost being. Always.

I am convinced that EVERYONE has an intuition, no matter how it is developed.
The sad truth:
In most cases this intuitive perception is clouded by negative experiences, by other people who have talked you out of it ("What are you doing? You're exaggerating again!"), or completely capped by another person.
Then you hardly perceive anything, you are disoriented and unconsciously constantly focus on others, you are deeply unhappy and constantly wonder why that is so.

Do not be unsettled if you - without being able to explain it to you! - find something surprising to be particularly bad, while everyone else seems to have no problem at all, or even directly convey to you that YOU are wrong.
Or you are in a good mood, although everyone is apparently depressed and down (by the way, in most cases this is the case with me:
everyone is concerned, I find nothing more tragic, and in the end it turns out that there was nothing to worry about).

If a situation feels strange, weird, uncomfortable to you - then it IS strange too.
Don't let yourself be persuaded to go over your gut instinct, stick with it and act accordingly.
Trust your inner being.
You can always count on it.

Do not question your intuition because "Everyone else doesn't see it that way", or "Am I the only one who ..." etc.

2. Your perception is absolutely individual and suitable for your life task.

The perception was given to everyone individually - it is as unique as the fingerprint.
While one is coping with the situation with ease, the other is already totally exhausted because he perceives all the negative vibes in the room much more strongly.
One of them feels the pressure that comes from the boss, but 2 minutes later he wipes it off like a speck of dust - the other can hardly sleep because it occupies him so intensely (and not because he is so inferior or because he is so afraid of Dismissal).
BOTH perceptions are correct.

If something is negative, I perceive the vibes exactly, but can only roughly grasp them - all I really know is: it's not good right now. I know that for sure.
Jil, on the other hand, can pinpoint what's going on and express it much more precisely: that applies to people, situations and everything in general.
By the way, it is so precise that I am completely amazed every time, although I have known it for so long;).
Meanwhile, Noelle can't say anything at all, because she's so sick that she'd like to throw up - that's how bad the atmosphere is.

In the positive, it is exactly the same:
somehow I notice: it's all so beautiful.
Jil even knows exactly WHAT is beautiful and WHY it is so beautiful (without thinking twice!).
Noelle is already in 7th heaven.

We all have completely different perceptions that are very much related to the task that everyone has in life.
I could e.g. B. Never do my job so lively and calmly if I could feel so strongly what thousands of people say, write or think about me (besides, none of my business anyway;)).
I don't even notice most of it - and if I do, then I decide that I don't care.
Would my daughters look down on me ("Mum doesn't check anything."), Or would we question Jil's point of view ("You can't possibly know that exactly because of the short time ?!"), or would we suggest to Noelle, " not to act like that. ”,“ What is she so overly sensitive? ”, then each of us would doubt his person.

But we value that very much in each of us, repeatedly emphasize it as one of our strengths and learn to deal with it with respect.

For all of us, the perception of the other is an extreme enrichment:
I ask Jil for advice on most important decisions.
Because often I only see a rough direction - what I have only vaguely perceived can express it very precisely and exactly, I am clear on the spot and act accordingly.
No one sees my beauty, strength and size as clearly as Noelle: she is my greatest motivator.

In my experience, for example, many creative, artistically gifted people (like Noelle) perceive and absorb the atmosphere many times more intensely:
it has to be exactly that way so that they keep getting inspiration for their talent.
If you are such a person, or have someone around you, emphasize this as a beautiful quality and do not question the person or their perception.
What if this talent is really extraordinary and will enrich a lot of people?
(Many exceptional artists such as musicians, fashion designers, etc. often struggle with depression because they absorb everything much faster and nobody has taught them how to deal with it).

The type of your perception is TAILOR-MADE for your task in this world:
for what you are particularly good at and what fulfills you most of all.
And it is ESSENTIALLY important for that.

For the parents among you:
intuition is already established in childhood.
In places where a child willingly cuddles with the entire family, another Aunt Erna doesn't even want to greet or even enter the room.
Don't smile at the child, don't put an eccentric stamp on it (“Oh, Marie is just a sensitive one.”), Don't force it to adapt to YOUR perception (“Now join in, what are you doing? “), And don't be annoyed that your child doesn't fulfill your expectations.

Believe me: the way in which it receives and processes the impressions will later be enormously important for its special task in life.
“What's wrong with you?” Is a phrase that should never be used.
Everything is right with your child, it is your horizon that is limited.

I know that it is sometimes quite exhausting or even challenging (and that over many years!) When the child's perception corresponds to your own zero, but you can learn all of this:
accepting that it is so and not ironing it down over and over again is the most important step.

3. How you do not suffer from your perception.

As important as your intuition is, it can sometimes be stressful - so that it becomes a blessing and not a curse, the following is important for you:

- Don't question yourself and don't let yourself be unsettled.
"What is wrong with you?", "Don't act like that!", "What are you so overly sensitive?" - These and similar thoughts will often arise and sometimes even be uttered out loud by others.
You are lucky for me, and I am your protective shield: every time this comes in (and it will be!), You refuse to make a decision (“Joanna said I can't allow that.”).
I said: DECIDE! not so lari-fari.

For what YOU have to do in this world, it needs YOUR perception.
And this is perfect for that.

- Don't get negative.
Whoever perceives more, perceives more negative things - that's just the way it is.

Honor your perception:
do not become permanently negative or judgmental.
What use is your whole gut feeling or your clear vision if you then look down on others, downgrade them, or even hurt them (because you tell them directly)?
So if you notice that you are developing a certain arrogance and judgment based on your intuition: get rid of it!
None of us are in this world to judge or smile at others:

In the time in which you think about what doesn’t fit here (and that may all be true, that a lot doesn’t fit!), You could also think about something nice or earn money if you like - to put it with my mommy words :
Don't you have anything to do right now ?!

There are plenty of troubleshooting people, people who draw attention to grievances, critics, and know-it-alls, that's no art - but none of this has anything to do with love.
There is an urgent need for ambassadors of love in this world!
It takes YOU.
It takes love.

- Protect yourself and your gift.

Most of what you think and feel during the day are not your own thoughts and feelings at all - very often it is the fears, moods or moods of the people who surround you.
If someone has a strong intuition, they may take in much more and much faster what is buzzing around them:
then he is not doing well, although apparently nothing bad has happened.

It's important not to get it wrong: you shouldn't be afraid, that's not what I mean.
But out of respect for yourself, it is important that you do not expose yourself to many things that are no problem at all for others.
If you often need time just for yourself, allow yourself to do so and don't feel lonely, weird, or out of place because of it.
If dealing with a person is not good for you at all and you are therefore regularly down, then create (also spatial) distance - even if others would describe this as "over-sensitive".
If everyone is always hanging out in a squad, but you don't really feel comfortable in it, then stand by it and let it stay.
Everything is right with you and that is exactly the right thing to do.

How often and with whom you spend your time is one of the most important things in life, so pay special attention to it.

- Don't use your perception as an excuse.
Do not use your intuition as an excuse for bad moods (“I'm very sensitive, that's why I'm in a bad mood”) or a reason for fears (“It's because of my perception.”).

Do not confuse gut feelings with weaknesses in character or emotional fluctuations!
Of course it can be that you perceive something faster and more strongly than others - but then you have also been given the ability to deal with it in such a way that it is a gift for everyone.
And no burden.

Make yourself aware again and again that you are love, and that it is the very strongest of all:
no matter how bad the vibes you're dealing with.
Love is stronger than depression, stronger than hate, stronger than despair, loneliness, envy, jealousy or suffering.

And then you make a statement, and create order in your heart and brain.

I know it is a bit tricky to describe the difference in writing, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is:
What you have inside of you is a huge gift to you.
And to the whole world.

And now you are only really starting to appreciate that.

Love greetings

P.S. HERE I have already described in more detail how one deals with perceptions in everyday life.
That will also help those without children;).