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Pencak Silat - Development and History

PENCAK SILAT is a combat and self-defense system, the numerous styles and variants of which have their home in today's Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the southern Philippines and Thailand.

Written documented stories go back to the 4th century AD. back, making PENCAK SILAT one of the oldest existing martial arts in the world.

PENCAK SILAT is characterized by evasive action, so the practitioner is always dependent on his mental and physical agility in order to cope with new situations.

The basic human needs are security and prosperity. To meet these needs, man invented and developed various means (techniques) and equipment. The inventions related to security are means and equipments for combating and overcoming all kinds of threats, challenges, obstacles and nuisances. Such means include, among others, so-called "jurus" and weapons.

"jurus" are a technique of effective physical movement for self-defense or attack, with or without weapons.

This early form was very simple and imitated the movement of animals, adapted to the human anatomy. As a result, there has been a constant development along with the development of human culture.

The Malay peoples who now inhabit Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the southernmost areas of the Philippines and Thailand consider the Silat martial art to be their very own creation. Tales documented in writing extend into the 4th century. n.C. back, making Silat one of the oldest existing martial arts in the world.
The early styles were still strongly influenced by the various mainland Asian cultures and were not very well developed. The Minangkabau tribe on Sumatra adopted this style and created a special kind of Indonesian fighting style.

One of the earliest kingdoms, the Srivijaya on Sumatra, stretched between the 7th and 14th centuries. through the efficient methods of fighting their area of ​​dominion over all of Indonesia, even over areas of Thailand.
Under the kings of the Majapahit Empire (1293 AD - 1470 AD) the new fighting style matured to technical perfection.
Originally, the fighting methods were exclusively mastered by the members of the Indonesian ruling class, the nobility, and they guarded their secret knowledge. Nevertheless, in the course of time I also acquired the knowledge from the common people and perfected it in certain areas. This original and orthodox system is popularly known as Pencak Silat and, loosely translated, means "to fight artfully".

In Pencak Silat there are more than 150 handed down Styles. The main part of these systems is on Java to find. Within this main direction there are still countless sub-groups, so that practically every region or larger city has its own silat system.