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71 things that have happened since we became vegan

About a year and a half after I took the first step on the way to a vegan life in the late summer of 2010, I published a text on beVegt with the title “59 things that have happened since I've been vegan”.

With this post I hit the bull's eye at the time and gave our still young blog its first "viral" post - the article was shared by many of our readers on Facebook and Co. and commented well over 100 times.

We have now celebrated our 10th vegan birthday, and of course a lot has happened in the meantime. So it's high time for an update - this time as a joint production with Katrin, because we've been going our vegan path (almost) since day one!

Change rarely comes alone ...

So here comes our updated list of the things that have happened since we became vegan.

Of course we know that not all of these things happened just because because we have become vegan ... but the experience of recent years has shown us that one change often leads to the next.

In any case, we are sure that many of the things that at first glance have nothing to do with our decision for a vegan life would not have happened without this decision.

We hope you enjoy reading it, and we look forward to your feedback in the comments: What has happened important in your life since you decided to go vegan (or eat less animal-based foods)?


In terms of nutrition, of course, a lot has changed since we became vegan:

  1. We got to know the ingenious Grain Green Bean formula that made our diet easier and healthier at the same time.
  2. We have finally decided on a regional and seasonal organic vegetable subscription and thus got to know numerous new types of vegetables.
  3. Cooking is much more fun today than it used to be.
  4. We learned to bake bread and rolls ourselves, and Katrin is in the process of perfecting her recipe for sourdough bread.
  5. We have become more willing to experiment and try out new recipes on a regular basis.
  6. We have become better cooks and have developed more than 200 recipes for our blog.
  7. In the last few years we have acquired more practical nutritional knowledge than Katrin did in her entire study of nutritional sciences.
  8. We discovered lupine coffee as an alternative to coffee beans (which we still love anyway!).
  9. We have learned that “classics” such as Frankfurt green sauce, goulash, sushi and Bolognese also taste great in the veganized version.
  10. So many types of vegan chocolate, milk, cheese and meat alternatives have come onto the market that as a vegan you really don't have to go without anything today.
  11. We eat MUCH more fruits and vegetables than before.
  12. We eat MUCH more legumes than before.
  13. We discovered our love for nut butter.
  14. We eat more varied and varied than before.
  15. We learned how to make tofu and seitan ourselves (and how to make tofu so that it tastes really delicious).
  16. Our purchases go faster than before, because around 80 percent of the supermarket shelves are of no interest to us.
  17. We always have so much food at home that we could easily survive for several weeks on it.
  18. Our refrigerator is always full to the brim with fresh fruit and vegetables.
  19. Katrin has laid out a bed of herbs on the balcony so that we can now refine our dishes with fresh basil, oregano, mint, rosemary, thyme and sage.
  20. Daniel has got used to the taste of coriander and now even really likes it (it used to taste like soap to him).
  21. We (almost) only use wholemeal pasta and flour, and now we even prefer the wholegrain taste to that of white flour.
  22. We appreciate (good) food even more than before.
  23. We set up a spice drawer and got to know a lot of new spices and flavors.
  24. Since we no longer eat foods of animal origin, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint (and of course we know that there are many other areas where we still have room for improvement).
  25. We're responsible for far less animal suffering than before, and that feels really good.


In terms of sport, the following things have happened since we became vegan:

  1. We qualified for the Boston Marathon and became Boston finishers in 2013.
  2. We have set new personal bests over all distances - from 5 km to the marathon.
  3. We have become ultra runners and have completed a number of ultra marathons and ultra trail runs.
  4. We have attended numerous training courses, including running and motivational coaches, athletics coaches (Daniel) and Pilates instructors (Katrin).
  5. Katrin trained as a yoga teacher and learned the headstand.
  6. Daniel completed his training as a hiking guide and hiked 100 km in a row for the first time in 2019.
  7. We interviewed three pioneers of vegan running with Rich Roll, Brendan Brazier and Matt Frazier ...
  8. ... and ran a lap on the Main with our great role model Scott Jurek!
  9. We have participated in more than 75 parkruns and our team, the beVegt.de team, is currently the largest parkrun team in Germany.
  10. We carried out our first run-and-bike adventure (and thus discovered a great opportunity to spend a sporty day in nature together despite different levels of performance).
  11. We have discovered multi-day hikes for ourselves and have already been on the Rheinsteig, the Franconian Mountain Trail, the Neckarsteig and the European long-distance hiking trail 1, among others.
  12. We took our first bike tour from Frankfurt to The Hague.
  13. We took part in a 24-hour relay race as a team with 8 other vegan runners.
  14. In three days we ran 150 kilometers on the Taunus-Höhenweg from Kaub am Rhein to Frankfurt.
  15. In 2013 and 2014 we organized a private ultra marathon on the Frankfurt green belt.


The unexpected often happens: Perhaps the greatest changes have occurred for us in professional terms. And here we can say with reasonable certainty that none of this would have happened if we hadn't gone vegan:

  1. We founded our blog beVegt, which is now visited by more than 150,000 people every month.
  2. We launched the beVegt podcast in 2016 and have published well over 200 podcast episodes to date.
  3. We made six podcast trips to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and the Ruhr area to record exciting interviews for the podcast.
  4. We interviewed more than 90 people for the beVegt podcast.
  5. We quit our jobs and started our own business with beVegt in 2014.
  6. We go to work every day with the feeling that we are doing something really meaningful.
  7. We regularly get messages from people who thanks to us have found a way to run or switch to a plant-based diet, or have changed something else in their life.
  8. We have published three successful cookbooks with dishes based on the grain green bean formula.
  9. We have done more than 25 vegan running weekends and a vegan hiking trip.
  10. We have written a book for beginners and a book for preparing for a (half) marathon.
  11. We launched the beVegt cooking school, in which more than 700 people have already taken part.
  12. We have developed an online nutrition course in which we impart the basic knowledge about vegan nutrition.
  13. We have looked after more than 150 runners as running coaches and helped them to achieve their sporting goals.
  14. BeVegt has created what is probably the largest German-speaking community for vegan (and vegan-interested) runners.
  15. We founded the team beVegt.de, which is now probably the largest vegan sports team in Germany (more than 5,500 members are already exchanging ideas about running and vegan nutrition in our Facebook group).
  16. More than 1,000 athletes are already out and about in our RUN VEGAN running shirts and singlets and show that you can be fit and productive even as a vegan.
  17. We gave several lectures at Veggie World and vegan street festivals.
  18. We took a book tour through six German cities and presented the book No Meat Athlete * by Matt Frazier.

Further changes

The following changes do not fit into any of the three major categories of "nutrition", "sport" and "work", but are sometimes more and sometimes less related to our vegan path:

  1. We have learned to confidently stand up for our convictions.
  2. We enjoyed changing and trying new things.
  3. We have learned that every person has an exciting story to tell.
  4. We have become more compassionate.
  5. We feel more comfortable in our skin and we like each other better than 10 years ago - even if being vegan doesn't protect against gray hair, of course. 😉
  6. We got to know the exciting concept of effective altruism and try to do as much good as possible.
  7. Today we live more sustainably and generate less waste.
  8. We have discovered minimalism for ourselves and in recent years have parted with numerous things that have brought no "added value" into our lives.
  9. We got rid of our television and sold our car.
  10. We sold our bed and now sleep on a futon.
  11. Katrin has taught herself to knit and crochet and now makes some of her clothes herself.
  12. We spend less time on social media and news sites.
  13. We have met countless people and made friendships that enrich our lives every day.

Did you recognize yourself in one or more of these things? What else can you add from your side? We look forward to your comment!

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