What are the 10 best selling tips

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Selling honestly is not a method, it is a way of life. The following 20 points ensure the right attitude so that honest sales succeed:

1. Be curious and approach people

Salespeople need to be more present by being where interesting people are or could be. Not to primarily sell something straight away, but to expand your own network of people who could be interesting for you or for those around you, professionally and / or privately.

2. Are you interested in your counterpart

People like to talk about themselves and are happy when the other person is really interested in them. So every person can be a valuable enrichment for everyone based on their experiences, for example to learn something or to better understand why some think and act the way they do.

3. Question what you don't understand

Out of false shame, many do not dare to honestly admit when they have not understood something. This is why salespeople should speak in such a way that they can understand the person opposite them with little effort. Out of natural respect for the customer, salespeople ask questions when they don't understand something - because they really want to understand him.

4. Don't think for the customer, think with them

Not everything that is meant well is well received. Nobody can tell fortune. That is why no salesperson can know what the customer really wants and needs, and why. Salespeople need to help customers find the best solution for the customer. This is only possible if you ask good questions.

5. Offer the best solution first

To avoid price negotiations or to close the deal faster, sellers too often do not offer the best solution, but rather the one with which they expect the least resistance. But the point is not that sellers have as little stress as possible, but rather that their customers have to buy in the future.

6. Don't bore your customers

Too often customers don't enjoy buying because they feel like an anonymous number or a means to an end. Through thinking, commitment and originality, salespeople can stand out from the crowd in a beneficial way.

7. Don't talk nicely, be honest

Sellers who only focus on their own commission and career make a decisive contribution to the fact that selling - despite its economic relevance - has a bad status in society. So if a provider does not have a suitable solution for the customer, he has to reject the order.

8. Help you decide, but don't rush

For a seller, his offer is often a matter of course, but for some external customers this is a highly complex decision. Honest salespeople strike the optimal balance between intrusiveness and indifference and thus help the customer to give a clear yes or no.

9. Talk about what stands between you

Many people are polite and don't always speak their minds freely - even when asked to. In order for the seller to live up to his responsibility, he speaks of possible objections that have not yet been resolved.

10. Understand objections as signals of interest

If salespeople hear too many objections, then the structure of the conversation is not right. A few objections, however, are perfectly normal. Customers don't say this to annoy salespeople, but because they want to be sure that they are spending the money on the right thing.

11. Pay attention to the benefit, then the price is secondary

Of course, customers are happy when they can save money. However, it is not the job of the seller to offer them the cheapest solution, but the best one for the customer. The money is secondary if the customer achieves his goals more safely and easily with the purchase of the offer.

12. Don't make false promises

Those who openly address possible problems that may arise as a result of the cooperation are not only doing their conscience a favor, but also their customers. In any case, hardly any customer believes that everything always works 100 percent. That is precisely why he needs a partner who accompanies him through thick and thin - and knows what he is doing.

13. Help the customer succeed with you

Anyone who thinks their responsibility ends when they get the signature on the order is wrong. The customer signed because he trusted the seller. That is why the latter is also the point of contact if there is a complaint or if the customer does not achieve the promised benefit, although he does everything as agreed.

14. Keep in touch with interesting people

Many deals fail because potential customers forget interesting business partners due to the overstimulation. Therefore, salespeople should definitely keep in touch even if they don't get the job.

15. Have fun doing it

Anyone who sees a burden or even a necessary evil in selling is not doing anyone a favor. Neither himself and his quality of life, nor his employer, who is dependent on active salespeople, nor his customers, who need doers and not "trance bags".

16. Be open to new things - and learn

Sellers want their customers to open up and try something new. But salespeople themselves are sometimes as closed as a shell and always look for mistakes elsewhere instead of themselves. Those who learn regularly will automatically develop their personality - and achieve their goals more easily.

17. Only sell something you stand behind

Sometimes there are days when it just doesn't work out. Unfortunately, that's part of life. But if you sell something that you don't love yourself, you will never have resounding success as a seller.

18. Stay tuned - appropriate

Salespeople need to master the balance between intrusiveness and indifference. Every customer thinks differently here. Most of the time, salespeople seem rather passive and uninterested - from the customer's point of view. That is why the best way is to always find a concrete whereabouts how to proceed together after the conversation.

19. If it doesn't fit, don't cling

Sellers also have a duty to let go. For example, complainers, exhausting small customers or poorly paying customers. They can do that best when they first become aware of their time and energy thieves.

20. Always seize new opportunities

Opportunities are only given to those who give opportunities a chance - and then use them. This is why salespeople are always looking for new customers and interesting ideas on how they can not only shape their own lives better, but also that of their business partners.

These 20 points should be reflected on regularly by every seller: Am I doing this? What could I do better? What do I want to try consistently again now? Because ultimately people buy from people - and that is precisely what is too often forgotten. Those who live honest sales with passion automatically reach interesting people and have success together with them.