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The Indian hate preacher Zakir Naik has so far not returned to his homeland despite numerous efforts by the Indian government and is continuing his media activities from his exile in Malaysia. He is wanted by India because of unclear financial transactions. Most recently, he is said to have been offered to drop the charges if he positions himself in the interests of the government on the Kashmir issue. In exile he recently met other problematic preachers, including the German actor Muhammed Ciftci.

Zakir Naik is an Indian hate preacher who has a large following in his country and internationally. One of the reasons for this is that he mainly gives his sermons in English and disseminates them via social media. He currently has over 20 million subscribers on Facebook. Naik has not set foot in Indian soil since 2016 on charges of money laundering and hate speech. Repeated attempts have been made to get hold of him by means of an international arrest warrant via Interpol. This search was in effect at times. However, Malaysia has granted Naik permanent residence.

In exile, Naik repeatedly meets other problematic preachers, most recently Yasir Qadhi:

Photo credit: Yasir Qadhi's Facebook page, accessed January 18, 2020

Naik is not restricted in its networking activities. European actors are also involved again and again. In December he met the British Haitham al-Haddad and the German actor Muhammed Ciftci: Continue reading →

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India wants to further restrict the activities of the hate preacher Zakir Naik

The Indian but world-wide known hate preacher Zakir Naik and his international contacts had already been reported several times on this blog:



There is evidence that Naik had contacts in Germany, e.g. to Muhamed Ciftci. But also with Ibrahim Abou Nagie he seems to have familiar contact, as the above meeting suggests.

In addition to the further search for Naik, who is currently said to be in Saudi Arabia, India now also seems to want to make its activities on the Internet more difficult:

According to reports in the Indian media, it has been decided that the United States will be contacted to block his pages on social media websites.

On Saturday, an Indian investigative agency filed an FIR against Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik for spreading enmity among religions. Raids were conducted in 10 offices of Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) located in Maharashtra, media reports said.


Specifically, it will probably be about this account:


Naik has over 17 million followers there.

Here on Twitter there are almost 160,000 followers (but - in contrast to the Facebook page - the channel has not been updated since last November):


But there is a nice picture of an award ceremony. The Saudi King awarded Zakir Naik the "International King Faisal" Prize:

Source: Screenshot from Zakir Naik's Twitter channel, accessed on July 9, 2017


Few people are sure to receive such esteem. This also explains the likely current residence as well as the recently rumored offer to Naik that he could obtain Saudi citizenship.

One of his pages (drzakirnaik.net) is no longer available, the replacement page:


but nice. Likewise the page of his TV channel:


but is still online, even if it is no longer available in some countries. Another view Continue reading →

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Abou Nagie meets Zakir Naik in Indonesia

Since the ban on the group “The True Religion”, it had become quieter around Ibrahim Abou Nagie, the initiator of the action. In particular, there is a lack of public knowledge of his specific whereabouts, among others Malaysia and Indonesia were discussed:


Since the ban has been appealed, his lawyer will know where he is. However, so far nothing has been publicly known.


A confirmation from a source other than the allegations on an account that is probably maintained by his environment was not directly possible.


Indirectly, however, there is currently a hint from relatively new images. The internationally known Indian hate and TV preacher Zakir Naik has been wanted by Interpol for several weeks:


A few weeks ago, Abou Nagie met with Zakir Naik, as visual material suggests:


The search message will also be referred to later on the account: Continue reading →

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Peace as a marketing word for extremists - hate preachers at "peace conferences"

In recent years there has been an increasing number of Islamist gatherings and committees that explicitly use the word “peace” in their names. Similar to the well-known Trojan horse, however, the pleasing cover often hides anything but peaceful people and intentions. It has been recognized that good marketing can bring important benefits without deviating an iota from the hard ideological line. Yusuf Al Qaradawi, ideological pioneer of the Muslim Brotherhood, among others, and television preacher with excellent contacts in Germany, already suggests, according to MEMRI *, how one intends to conquer and subdue Europe (MEMRI uses the word "conquest"). In his opinion, you don't need swords at all because Europe is so decadent:


As a reminder: This is a gentleman who justifies suicide bombings in Israel, among others:


On the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood, however, he said:

Islam is a religion of tolerance, patience, forbearance and peace.


If it weren't for the many exceptions (for others) that don't at least disturb (personal) peace and self-satisfaction.

What Mr. Al Qaeadawi can do, others can do too.

A small compilation already shows that the word peace is also used by other hate preachers Continue reading →

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A few sources to classify the current excitement about the possible support of the hate preacher Zakir Naik by government circles

India has a history of bloody clashes between followers of different religions. Hindus against Muslims, Muslims against Hindus, both against Christians, Sikh riots over the demand for their own area:


It doesn't really calm down. Radical tones can be heard again and again from protagonists on all sides. In particular, Christians also suffer:


Radical tones can be heard again and again from protagonists from almost all sides, depending on the local power situation. There are assaults, persecution, forced conversion. The Kashmir problem, i.e. the demand for an annexation to Pakistan, has also not yet been resolved:

that the Kashmir problem is primarily rooted to the Jihadi ideology and religio-separatism of political Islam.

In the modern history of Kashmir, despite repeated dialogues since 1947, the Kashmir problem related to political Islam is still unresolved. The political leadership in Delhi has apparently failed to achieve any fruitful solution. Even the Rajya Sabha resolution on this issue adopted on August 10 recently also seems to be an addition to another crisis management formula to pacify the protesters in the valley temporarily. [...]

The plan of wahhabi is to first wahhabise the Sufi influenced Muslim populace of Kashmir and then use them for transformation of their co-religionists in rest of India to hard-line Islam. The protracted movement for the restoration of the lost Muslim rule in the region by the pro-Wahhabi Deobandi, Jamaat-e-Islami, Tablique Jamaat and other hard-line Islamist organizations, and individuals like Zakir Naik and Owaisis under the patronage of vote greedy Indian political parties has already done the spade work to facilitate the extension of militant Jihad from Kashmir to the rest of India.


Saudi Arabia seems to have been investing massive amounts of money in India for years to spread its radical form of Islam, including in India: Continue reading →

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Saudi King Salman personally protects Zakir Naik?

A few days ago the Indian hate preacher Zakir Naik was reported by Indian authorities to Interpol with a request for a search and arrest. The background is the results of the investigation by Indian authorities who see Naik as the gray eminence behind a number of assassins:

The NIA sources told Mumbai Mirror that the agency questioned more than 80 people arrested or detained from across the country. Some of the arrests date back to 2005, of alleged members of the SIMI, the Indian Mujahideen, and Lashkar-e-Toiba.
"We have identified at least 50 people who admitted to have been inspired by Naik +. However, it is too early to say whether Naik can be directly linked to terrorist activities, "an NIA officer said. On Tuesday, Hansraj Ahir, the minister of state for Home, told the Lok Sabha that there have been reports of "some known terrorists reportedly inspired by Naik".“


The article is from last August. Obviously one has now gained greater certainty and insight. The request called “red corner notice” means for all states connected to the Interpol network to pick up and extradite this person as far as possible.


Saudi Arabia is a member of Interpol:


Naik has a television channel with a significant reach, Peace TV. Naik is close to Al Qaeda.

Peace TV, his television channel, has also been banned in Bangladesh, Canada and in the United Kingdom. However, it recently came to light that he was given Permanent Resident (PR) status in Malaysia five years ago.


Malaysia had announced after the Interpol report that Naik was currently not in the country.

A few days ago, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi assured the Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Maicci) that Malaysia would not give sanctuary to any fugitive, even if the fugitive happened to be Zakir Naik.“


Indian Islamic preacher, Dr Zakir Naik, who is wanted by authorities in Delhi for alleged terrorist offenses, has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia.Arab sources reported that King Salman had intervened to grant Naik Saudi citizenship to protect him from arrest by the International Police Organization, Interpol.“Continue reading →

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The “International Humanitarian Aid Organization” (IHH) has been banned in Germany since 2010. The prohibition order was confirmed before the Federal Administrative Court in 2012:


However, an associated organization continues to exist in Turkey. As is the case with many organizations in this area, one understands that despite having the same name, the same orientation, intensive cooperation, etc., one is "legally separated" - a completely worthless statement that serves purely to cover up. Organizations such as “Islamic Relief” (self-reported by IR Australia) or “Ansaar International” cooperate with the Turkish IHH on various projects. Here is a project from "Ansaar International" last May:


But others have also had close contact with IHH for a long time. From the Stuttgarter Zeitung from 2011:

The Freiburg IHH group smuggled several men into the Bosnian war zone as fighters: according to the documents available to our newspaper, the German Aleem Nazir, who was convicted of membership in a terrorist organization, Reda Seyam, who lives in Ulm, and who was linked to the terrorist attack in Bali in 2002 becomes. And Mohammed Seyfundin Ciftci from Braunschweig, who, according to records of the Croatian police, was on the Croatian and Bosnian battlefields from 1993 onwards. The intelligence services of all three Balkan countries involved in the war accuse him of smuggling jihadists into central Bosnia in particular, of having supported and cared for them. [...]

On the way out, Ciftci becomes talkative. He has good contacts in Turkey. So good that he was asked by the Turkish aid organization Insan Hak ve Hürriyetleri ve Insani Yardim Vakfi - IHH - to “take over the spiritual accompaniment of this year's Gaza flotilla”. He had refused - because he was not a courageous man and it was foreseeable "that there will be violence".

The Turkish IHH? Research in our newspaper shows that this aid organization was also active in Bosnia during the war. With close contacts to the brigades of the holy warriors, especially in the Zenica area. Ex-NSA man John R. Schindler says: “They were active across the board: financing, recruiting, arming, replenishment.


These contacts obviously still exist (have been proven over the years). Just recently, Mr Ciftci, as he proudly announced on his Facebook page, was back in Turkey - and met Zakir Naik there:


To Naik: Continue reading →

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