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Are you looking for training to become a game designer? Then you will get the necessary information about requirements, job profiles and providers here!

Form of training

The game designer training is one school educationwhich is very similar to studying. You cannot do the training in a company, but only at a school or educational institution that offers this branch of training.


1-3 years


Most game design providers require training no specific school leaving certificate or a special previous education, but judge the interested parties on the basis of their portfolio. The folder should provide information about how great your talent and artistic talent is.

If you have any questions about the portfolio, then take a look at our section on everything to do with the portfolio!

Salary during training

Since you are completing your training not at a company but at a school, you get no salary. On the contrary! Since the training is almost exclusively offered by private providers, we fall for this course additional costs at. These are around 300 to 400 euros a month. You can find detailed information on the websites of the various education providers.

Tasks: What does a game designer do?

Game designers create virtual worlds. As a game designer, you are responsible for creating a game environment for computer games or other software applications. You invent characters and landscapes, choose suitable music and make sure that a computer game is breathed into life. At the same time, you will work with musicians, programmers and marketing specialists and coordinate the various areas of responsibility in the team.

During your training as a game designer, you will therefore be trained in various subjects - from design to animation to project management.

Where does a game designer work?

Game designers mainly work in software companies for software development and in software publishers. The training to become a game designer conveys various aspects so that you can specialize in certain areas in the professional world, e.g. B. 3D animation.

This offers an opportunity to climb even further up the career ladder and also to gain knowledge of programming Game design studies, the Game Development Studies or that Media informatics studies.

Who offers this training?

Here you can find some suitable providers for training as a game designer.

5 providers of training in the field of game design:

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Or should it be a degree after all?

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