How many euros are there in total

How much money is there in the world and how is it distributed?

Most of the money that circulates on earth, however, is immaterial and is not measured in hard coins. An important value, often cited in political economy matters, is that of national debt. Here, the USA is in first place with a 29 percent share of global debt, closely followed by the European Union and Japan. In total, the debts of all countries worldwide, which have risen again by 29 percent since the financial crisis in 2008, amount to 199 trillion US dollars

But even this sum is only a third of the world's derivatives. These are contract values, warrants or financial swaps. The value of derivatives depends on a reference value, which can be, for example, securities, interest rates, raw materials or foreign exchange. The exact amount of money that derivatives make up in the financial market is not known and is difficult to measure. Estimates range between $ 630 trillion and $ 1.2 trillion.

With its visualization of the amount of money, The Money Project creates a kind of demystification of the money in circulation and provides tough, easily understandable amounts, but the mass of funds only entered on paper is somewhat overwhelming.