Non-vegetarians live less than vegetarians

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We are constantly counting calories, stressing ourselves out with diets and carbohydrates are taboo in the evening. The question arises, why not just eat what we like instead of looking for the latest diets forever. The only important thing is that you eat healthy food. Then that with the pounds on the hip was quickly taken care of.

Why not go vegetarian through autumn and winter

The trend towards vegetarian Diet and there are always new forms of nutrition. There are now vegans, ovo-vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians and ovo-lacto-vegetarians, depending on whether or not they do without eggs and / or milk and dairy products. There are also those Pescetarians and the flexitarians, these are fundamentally nourishing vegetarian, but also eat meat or fish in exceptional cases.

Purely plant-based foods are very popular, Meat or fish in contrast, more and more people are banned from the plate. Vegetarians, however, allow themselves milk and dairy products, eggs and soy products. In addition to plant-based foods such as potatoes, mushrooms and grains, legumes and seeds should be on the menu because they provide plant-based proteins that cover the protein requirement.

Large studies have shown that vegetarian dishes should be particularly healthy. Vegetarians are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure and have fewer weight problems, so their cholesterol levels should also be better. Research has also shown that they are also less likely to develop diabetes. As a rule, vegetarians have an above-average state of health and do not show any symptoms of deficiency. The prevention or prevention of diseases causes many people to rethink their eating habits, writes the Health insurance center.

Vegetarianism seems to be an unstoppable trend. ProVeg Germany e.V. (formerly Vegetarian Association Germany e.V.) Assumes that Every week an average of 4,000 Germans become vegetarians. Around eleven percent of the German population are already completely vegetarian and the number is increasing.

For health reasons, but also ethically motivated, many people turn away from meat and fish consumption. In addition, most of them feel healthier, more comfortable and fitter. In addition, many food scandals in recent years have resulted in more and more people opting for a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarians as well as vegans should, however, be aware of the intake of the Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 respect, think highly of. Important proteins, iron and zinc must be supplied with selected foods or via vitamin preparations, such as the important vitamin B12 (cobalamin), which is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and for cell maturation and division.

B12 is vital, it protects the Neurons, regulates the Homocysteine ​​levels and therefore protects against Cardiovascular diseases. The human body can Vitamin B12 do not produce it yourself, so it has to be supplied from outside.

So that there is no malnutrition, you can Vitamin B12 - Avoid at least a little of the deficiency by daily intake of milk, yoghurt or cheese. This does not compensate for a complete waiver of meat and fish. If you are on a completely meat-free diet Vegetarians and vegans all two to three years your B12 values Have a doctor checked to ensure that a deficiency can be identified in good time so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken.

“All studies show that you can meet your nutritional needs wonderfully with a sensible vegetarian diet. And on the contrary, some nutrients are even better supplied than many a meat eater, ”says Markus Keller, nutritionist and expert on meatless nutrition.

“A sensibly composed vegetarian diet provides much more plant-based foods. Plant-based foods have many ingredients - such as the secondary plant substances. They only occur in plant-based foods. These (...) have a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterol level and digestion, etc. And that's a very important aspect of why the vegetarians actually do better, ”explains Markus Keller, nutritionist and expert in meatless nutrition.

The food industry and trade have long since jumped on the veggie trend, for example offers REWE 1,200 vegetarian dishes and recipes to do it yourself. The media have also been discovering the topic for some time and are rolling over countless articles on how best to eat a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian autumn dishes

Especially in autumn and winter there is a huge choice for vegetarians seasonal fruits and vegetables just waiting to be served. Now that the evenings are getting longer again, cooking is actually really fun and Recipes for vegetarian autumn dishes can also be found on the Internet. So you don't even have to buy new cookbooks, and the best thing is: you don't even have to go for most dishes Professional chef be.

For example one colorful vegetable rice pan - Cover peas, pods, carrots, corn, kohlrabi, leek, beans, onions and paprika with a little oil and cook in a pan, add the rice, season with salt and pepper and spices as required - done. It even looks great.

Great dishes can also be conjured up from typical winter vegetables such as red cabbage, white cabbage, cauliflower, kale and kohlrabi, for example Cauliflower in yogurt sauce with curry and delicious potatoes or rice. Or how about baked pumpkin and cheese ribbon noodles. A tasty pumpkin soup is also very popular at this time of the year. Delicious is also an easy one Noodle pans with spinach and tomatoes or a beetroot risotto with kale.

One fits well into this time of year Eggplant rice pan with feta or Potato gratin with goat cheese and rosemary. The filled one is very popular Buternut squash, for which there are countless recipes and recommendations on the Internet. Almost anything can be made from the pumpkin, from pumpkin puree, pumpkin compote, pumpkin pesto to pumpkin salad. A Pumpkin and coconut milk soup and a Pumpkin gratin with potatoes, or a pumpkin rösti are also recommended.

Desserts with local fruits

And of course you shouldn't miss out on a dessert. Now in autumn and winter these are the ones that offer themselves domestic fruits to be processed into applesauce or plum compote and / or apple compote. Autumn is a little more sophisticated Pear Tiramisu and a Chestnut speculoos dessert. Honey pears with mascarpone, or a Raspberry Coconut Sorbet should also be very tasty. recommends one more Cinnamon ice cream with pears, an orange salad with pears, or one Cinnamon yogurt with steamed pears.

Desserts with apples should be the crowning glory of every autumn menu writes The classic is still one Apple strudel with vanilla sauce or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or how about one Baked apple casserole and one Apple and cranberry strudel? And as the saying goes, no winter without oranges and mandarins.

Enjoy your meal and stay healthy!