Firefighters carry firearms

Rostock: fire department shoots dog because he looks like a wolf

"For reinforcement, the police called the animal specialists from the Rostock fire brigade for help ..."

What kind of “animal specialists” are they who cannot tell a dog from a wolf?

That a dog, surrounded by officials, feels cornered and seeing no way out, starts to growl and thus expresses that one should not get too close is a completely normal and natural reaction. If escape is not possible, a warning is given, if that does not help, the defense follows (which in this case has not even taken place).
Pretty much all animal species, including humans, react in this way.

Animal specialists would have known this and would have had suitable tools with them to safely capture or stun the animal instead of shooting it foolishly.

Are we going to shoot anyone who says they want to defend themselves?

Apparently the fire brigade in Rostock has a problem with trigger-happy employees,
There is an urgent need for action here and it is to be hoped that legal consequences will follow.

In general, are firefighters allowed to carry and use firearms recently?
Will they soon also be shooting at people?
Shouldn't the use of firearms be reserved for the police (although even here unnecessary lethal shots are fired far too often)?

It is also to be hoped that the "Animal Specialists" department at the Rostock fire brigade will be relocated as soon as possible.

This cannot and must not remain without consequences!