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Fast Food Recipes: Better Than Their Reputation

In fact, the term "fast food" only describes dishes that can be prepared in less than ten minutes. If you cut up fresh vegetables during this time and consume them raw, the appetizers are anything but unhealthy.

Only when you use the dishes typically served as fast food such as pizza, burgers, French fries or doner kebabs, the nutrient balance looks less good. Due to the high energy density of these meals, the blood sugar level rises rapidly, but also falls again quickly. The result: You will be hungry again after a short time. In addition, fast food is usually consumed quickly. This is not optimal for digestion and you will be tempted to eat more than necessary, Birthe Wulf knows. The EDEKA nutrition expert therefore recommends opting for fast food recipes with lots of vegetables and fiber and taking your time when eating.

Cook quickly and still eat healthy

Pizza was, is and will be the most popular dish among Germans. The classic yeast dough made from wheat flour, water and yeast is neither nutritious nor low in calories. With simple tricks, the high-calorie fast food classic can be transformed into a more balanced meal. Instead of the usual wheat flour, use wholemeal, buckwheat or spelled flour or use more low calorie alternatives For pizza crusts: Eggplant sliced ​​lengthways or finely chopped cauliflower make a gluten-free, vitamin-rich pizza crust. If eggplant slices can be easily topped, the cauliflower, on the other hand, has to be mixed with egg and grated cheese to form a homogeneous mass and then baked until crispy. If you want it to be quick, it is best to use ready-made wholegrain or multigrain wraps or tortillas. We even have delicious fast food ideas for vegans, such as our vegan wraps,

You don't have to do without the popular sandwich either. You can already save calories if, for example, you replace the high-sugar ketchup with tomato paste or, even better, with tomato strained tomatoes and fresh tomato slices. Instead of high-calorie, fatty mayonnaise, a light cream cheese dip also tastes good. Since most of the fats and calories in a pizza are in the cheese, you can also use light cheeses such as mozzarella or goat cheese when gratinating.

Whole grain bread instead of the white flour variant enriches the sandwich with valuable fiber and the pizza topping can also consist of a lot of vegetables. But also low-fat meat, such as smoked turkey breast, is suitable on the fast food classics. If you like to try it, nuts or, as a fruity note, some fruit offer enough choice for a delicious as well as healthy pizza. You can find further suggestions for an unusual combination of fast food ingredients, for example in our recipe for burger pizza.

Tip: A salad as a side dish and a glass of water instead of cola or soda can also support a more conscious diet. And if you can't get enough of pizza, try a fruity melon pizza with berries for dessert.