How do I choose to be happy

A Happiness experiment

Often it is the first thoughts on waking that decide whether the day will be your friend.
Little devil: “It is clear - I take extra time off to really relax, and then it pours out of buckets. I hate that!"
Little angel: "I have the day off. What nice things will I do? Maybe just lie there? How nice the rain sounds on the window. "

Fact: happiness is a matter of choice.

Fact: happiness is a matter of choice. Most of us have heard of it. Nevertheless, we tend to forget that in everyday life and look to the outside world to blame us for our dissatisfaction. This is not objectionable, after all, the outside world gives you enough reasons. The weather, the working conditions, the annoying customers, the bad-tempered partner, the screaming children and - not to forget - the miserable politics. All of these factors may indeed exist, but we pay attention to them by dealing with them continuously.

Cumbersome circumstances

The external circumstances, however badly one may judge them, have little to do with our feelings of happiness. As part of my joie de vivre blog, I was able to get to know many people who seem to have little reason to be happy. Some suffer from incurable diseases, others come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and many of them have had to endure severe blows of fate. Alone: ​​Hardly any of them are unhappy. You have accepted the circumstances that cannot be changed and then returned to the positive things in life. And each of us can do that.

The happiness experiment

An experiment: take a pen and paper and write down all the things in your life for which you are grateful. So all that you don't want to miss. In your luck diary, write down everything you can think of in the next three minutes. Do you have a smile on your face now? In one fell swoop it becomes clear how much we can influence our thoughts and subsequently our feelings through conscious focus.

3 prejudices about happiness

What's next with happiness? Because even though it seems damn easy based on this experiment, you might be wondering: Don't you need money, love and health to be happy?

Does money really make you happy?

It's clear! If you have to turn every penny twice and live in constant worry, you definitely don't feel like lucky. Yet money only affects human happiness hormones to a certain extent. According to scientists, there is an annual upper limit, beyond which the feelings of happiness usually decrease again. This limit is 60,000 euros annually. Admittedly, that's quite a penny. The income of the average Austrian is far below that. However, it also confirms that being really rich doesn't necessarily make you happier. I think the key to being satisfied with one's wealth is personal attitude. My current earnings are much lower than in the past few years, but I am happy and feel wealthy. Sometimes less is more.

Does a partnership make you happier?

There are unhappy singles, unhappy married couples and unhappy parents. And vice versa, there are also lucky ones in every area. The fact is that the majority of people are happier when they are in harmony with themselves or when they love themselves. No matter if there is someone next to you or not.

The sick have a good reason to be unhappy!

There is a grain of truth in this statement. People plagued by fate are often given the unwritten right to be unhappy. The amazing thing, however, is that it is precisely these people that often do not feel like it and they only have one way to go: focus on the positive. As mentioned at the beginning, in the last few years I have met many people who in spite of, no sorry: by Illness, physical disability or psychosomatic symptoms have changed their outlook on life. I count myself among them as well. In 2015 my life was dragged away from under my feet by a cruel constant headache. After a year of suffering and depression, I realized that this illness was a gift. It forced me to radically change my life, made me aware of what was really important and helped me find my way back to my true being.

Luck? Can we.

Luckily, whether sick or healthy, in a relationship or solo, rich or modest - we all have the ability to change one's attitude, to get used to new thought patterns and to be mindful of oneself and others.