Where and how do I meet women

Getting to know each other during Corona: 10 dating tips for men and women

How does getting to know each other work during Corona? It is especially for singles in these times not just getting to know someone. The question that often arises here now is: Is it ok to invite my online acquaintance to a face-to-face meeting? And if so, what should such a meeting look like by far? And when is kissing allowed?

We have for youthe most important introductory tips for men and women summarized, as wellcreative ideas, as well asa meeting by far can be a complete success.

5 tips for men to get to know each other

1. Accept the first step

Many single German women still feel very unsettled by the current camp. Especially when it comes to getting to know each otherYou become more careful and now think twice and three times whether they are really writing to a man.Here you are in demand! Take some of the uncertainty out of women and take the first step.

Of course, you should do somethingget more creative, as a simple "Hello, how are you!" Aroundto lure a woman from her reserve, the first message should be carefully considered. Stay authentic, positive, and personalize the message.

2. Convince yourself online with your Charm

Around half of all German singles currently prefer to get to know each other better online before a face-to-face meeting. Do not see this as a disadvantage but as aOpportunity to present yourself from a completely new perspective.
Of course, flirting online is a little more difficult. You cannot play with your body language, throw deep looks at your lady of the heart, or show her a charming smile. Butwith a good dose of humor anda charming writing style you can also spray your charm online.

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3. Invite her to a phone date

A personal phone callbuilds trust and makes us feel closer to each other.

If you have already exchanged a few messages with the woman of your dreams, then a phone date is a very good way toto get to know each other a little betterbefore meeting in person.

If you both dare, you can tooVideo call do. That brings the two of you closer together.

4. When is the right time to ask for a meeting?

You have been chatting with each other for a few weeks and now you are asking yourself: "Can I ask you to get to know each other personally, or is it still too early?"There is no right time.

It is much more important that youconsiderate and understanding approach the matter. Perhaps you belong to the risk group yourself or do you work closely with them in your job?The best thing to do is to decide togetherhow and when you want to get to know each other personally.

5. The first meeting: how much closeness is appropriate?

Your first meeting is coming up, but you are not sure how close you should get to your dream woman? After all, there is no way you want her to feel uncomfortable with you. If you are unsure, only one thing will help:Just ask them.

Perhaps you have already had very similar thoughts and you canconsider togetherhow you want to deal with the corona measures at your personal meeting.

If you prefer to keep your distance first, then you shoulddefinitely accept and show understanding. Even at a distance meeting you can have a lot of fun and get to know each other better. And that's what a first meeting should be about.

By the way: See the optimal time for a first kiss30% of women in the current situation after the 3rd meeting.Another 10% prefer to play it safe and would only exchange such tenderness after the 10th meeting. Forone tenth of German single women a kiss at the first meeting is still not a problem, after all, you have already got to know each other better online beforehand.

Getting to know each other during Corona - 5 tips for single women

1. Listen to your gut instinct

The current situation is something completely new for all of us. It is completely normal and understandable that you are now also unsure about the first meeting. Our tip was therefore:Listen to your gut instinct. If you have a queasy feeling at personal meetings or too much body contact at the moment, then communicate that too. If your dream man cares about you, he will understand that too!

2. Use the online meeting to create a basis of trust

Get to know Corona via an online dating agency, fortunately that is completely Corona risk-free. But what if he suddenly wants to meet you personally? In this case too, you shouldlisten to your inner voice.

Online dating portals offer a good opportunity to feel each other in peace before a first personal meeting. And when you feel like youHave sufficient confidence in your new acquaintance then nothing stands in the way of a personal meeting.

3. Should I address my corona concerns?

On that question there isa clear one: yes! Is to feel goodthe be-all and end-all for a successful flirt. This is why the following applies to concerns about the Corona issue as well as to all other issues that are on your mind:Definitely address. In order not to create an uncomfortable situation when they first meet, it is helpful if you raise any concernsspeak to them before your meeting. So they both know where they are.

4. Address corona concerns: This is how it works

Now just turn it upthe question how? You don't want to give your counterpart the impression that you are afraid of him or that you don't trust him. To prevent this, you should both try to find a solution together. Sentences like: “I want you to keep your distance from me,” or “I won't see you without a face mask!” Don't go down well.

It is best to start with an I-phrase and ask him for his opinion:

  • “The current situation unsettles me. For me it would be easier if we could perhaps keep a little distance at our first meeting. Would it be okay for you?"
  • "I have some concerns about the corona restrictions. I would feel more secure if we kept the prescribed distance on our first meeting. What do you think about that?"

or they formulate it a little more openly:

  • "I would like to talk to you about the Corona conditions before the meeting. I feel a bit insecure about it. How do you feel about the topic?

5. What should I do if he doesn't keep our agreements?

You discussed the subject of Corona conditions online beforehand and agreed that you would prefer to keep your distance at the first meeting. In the beginning everything went smoothly and you get along really well. Butsuddenly he is getting closer and closer to youseems to have forgotten all of your mutual agreements with enthusiasm. How should you best behave now? Just accept it so as not to scare off the likeable man? In no case! Here, too, the same applies again: You have to feel goodthe basic requirement for a successful flirt.

If he is really interested in you, he will understand that too.

Summary: This is how getting to know each other during Corona works

What women should pay attention to:

  • On herGut feeling Listen.
  • Online dating agencies use toa basis of trust from the first face-to-face meeting to create.
  • Corona concernsdefinitely appeal, it is best to stay in first-person form and be sure to ask him for his opinion.
  • Kindly but clearly point out to himif he doesn't stick to the bargain and gets too close to you.

This is how flirting works with men:

  • The womentake the first uncertainty by taking the first step.
  • Online dating agencies see it as an opportunity.
  • With onePhone or video date get to know better.
  • Get to know each other during Corona needs a few special challenges, go with meUnderstanding and respect respond to the concerns and your date.

6 exciting ideas for a date by far

Do you want to meet up with your online contact, but have decided to keep your distance first? It's good that you cleared that up before the meeting. Now all that's missing isthe right idea. We are happy to help you:

1. A bike ride

If only in order not to run over each other, there is a certain safety margina bike tour together the basic requirement. So grab your bike and let's go.

2. A walk

In addition to visiting a restaurant, dhe romantic stroll to the classics for a first meeting. But that doesn't make him boring. Especially when the two of you have a lot to tell each other is a long walkthe perfect idea for your first date and alsoKeeping your distance is usually not a problem here. You can round off your walk with a visit to your favorite ice cream parlor or with a wine at the restaurant next door.

3. A visit to the zoo

You are never too old to visit polar bears, elephants and the like. So why not the first meeting at a distanceIn the zoo embarrassed. There is usually like that herelots of exciting things to see and discoverthat you are sure not to run out of things to talk about.

4. Open air cinema

Anice idea for the first meeting on a mild summer evening are the many open-air cinemas that are now all over Germany. And if you would like to keep a little distance here, you can simply push your comfortable deck chair a little further apartromantic cinema mood won't destroy that.

5. Geocaching or mini golf

For everyone who doesn't care for a bit at a first meetingAction and movement want to forego offer activities such as geocaching or playing mini golfthe perfect option. Keeping your distance is not a problem here either.

6. Take a city tour

Be a tourist in your own city and you will be amazed how many beautiful places you do not even know.Take part in a guided tour through your own city. You might find some great ideas about where to goTheir next date together could go?