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These are the top rated video games of all time

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming soon, and with them some new gaming highlights. But which games are the best so far?

We show you the games with the best Metascore of all time.

Including well-known names such as “Super Mario”, “The Legend of Zelda” or “Grand Theft Auto”.

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In November, the long-awaited new generation of consoles will finally appear with the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series S. Numerous top-class games will appear with the consoles, some of which will certainly have the potential to achieve new top ratings. Promising contenders here are for example "God of War 2" or "Horizon: Forbidden West".

What are the best games of all time?

Reason enough to take a look at the best games of all time. We are guided by the average metascore of the games, which you can also find on metacritic.com. We show you the ten video games with the best Metascore of all time. For game series like “Super Mario Galaxy” or “Grand Theft Auto” we have limited ourselves to one representative each.

10. "Halo: Fight for the Future"

Published: 2001, Metascore: 97

"Halo 5" - 17.99 euros on Amazon *

What Super Mario represents for Nintendo is the Master Chief for Microsoft. "Halo" has become one of the most successful series on the Xbox consoles, and the first installment in 2001 ensured that first-person shooters became popular on consoles. To this day, the Halo feel is unmatched and the story continues with "Halo Infinite" on Xbox Series X.

9. "Super Mario Odyssey"

Published: 2017, Metascore: 97

"Super Mario Odyssey" - 48.26 euros on Amazon *

What is particularly impressive about the latest part of the “Super Mario” series is how Super Mario can almost completely reinvent itself even after more than 30 years. You have to save your princess again, but this happens in completely wacky worlds and with many new game mechanics. The ability to control almost any of your opponents gives this "Super Mario" part a completely different feel.

8. "Metroid Prime"

Published: 2020, Metascore: 97

"Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" - 46.90 euros at Amazon *

Actually, Nintendo is better known for child-friendly and colorful games. The "Metroid" series is a pleasant contrast to this. In the guise of the space warrior Samus Aran, you fight your way through strange planets and defend yourself against numerous adversaries. You will always learn new skills that you need to solve the puzzles. The "Metroid Prime" games give the time-honored series a new look and we can hardly wait for the fourth part, which is currently in the works for the Nintendo Switch.

7. "Perfect Dark"

Published: 2000, Metascore: 97

"Perfect Dark Zero" - 29.00 euros on Amazon *

First-person shooters are more known on consoles for a spectacular multiplayer part and less for a profound single-player campaign with a sophisticated story. However, "Perfect Dark" offers exactly that. When shooters became popular on consoles in the early 2000s, the story was still clearly in the foreground and the player was following a gripping agent story in which the protagonist gradually unmasked a dark organization. "Perfect Dark" is one of the pioneers for first-person shooters on consoles and the ratings are accordingly good.

6. "Red Dead Redemption 2"

Published: 2018, Metascore: 97

"Red Dead Redemption 2" - 25.00 euros at Amazon *

When fans are asked about the best stories in video games, the two “Red Dead Redemption” parts are often at the forefront for a reason. In both parts you experience an emotional and profound western adventure and experience robberies, losses, betrayal and numerous other epic moments. You won't let go of the story anytime soon after the end of the game and you should definitely have played the "Red Dead Redemption" parts.

5. "Super Mario Galaxy 2"

Published: 2007, Metascore: 97

"Super Mario Galaxy 2" - 37.80 euros at Amazon *

As already indicated above in “Super Mario Odyssey”, every “Super Mario” part manages to surprise the player and add new facets to the actually simple run-and-jump mechanics. The "Super Mario Galaxy" titles let you explore an entire galaxy while you discover numerous smaller and larger planets. The innovative gravitation technology makes perfect use of the then revolutionary control of the Nintendo Wii and has rightly given the titles dream ratings.

4. “Soul Calibur

Published: 1999, Metascore: 98

“SoulCalibur VI” - 69.90 euros at Amazon *

Even if the Sega Dreamcast was less successful overall, it still produced some game pearls. Including “Soul Calibur”, which in 1999 caused a real revolution in fighting games. The characters could not be controlled so well and directly in any other fighting game. In addition, the graphics and the imaginative design of the fighters were groundbreaking back then. To this day, the "Soul Calibur" titles are very popular.

3. "Grand Theft Auto 4

Published: 2008, Metascore: 98

"Grand Theft Auto V" - 29.99 euros on Amazon *

The fact that the most successful game series of all time is also represented here should not come as a surprise to any gamer. Parts three, four and five of “Grand Theft Auto” would actually all appear on this list, but part four has the best metascore of all parts by a small margin. Part five in particular is still very successful today and is also getting a version for the new generation of consoles.

2. "Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2"

Published: 2000, Metascore: 98

"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2" - 42.60 euros at Amazon *

The skater culture experienced its heyday in the 1990s in particular. No wonder then that the "Tony Hawk" games enjoyed extreme popularity in the early 2000s, as they perfectly met the ravages of time. In the form of numerous prominent skateboarders, you will explore open levels with numerous secrets, do the most spectacular stunts possible with your skateboard and thus increase your score. The soundtrack, which gave the games just the right atmosphere, was also optimally chosen.

1. "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"

Published: 1998, Metascore: 99

"The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D" - 19.38 euros on Amazon *

This list includes some games with a Metascore of 97 and 98. However, there is only one game that has ever achieved a score of 99: "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". The first 3D offshoot of the “Zelda” series is officially the best rated game of all time and rightly so. Regardless of whether it is the game world, characters, soundtrack, puzzles or the often invoked “Zelda” moments: everything fits in this game and to this day every game that appears has to measure itself against this milestone.

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