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The 73 most beautiful girl names with special meanings

It is very important to some - less to some. There is one behind almost every name, with some name researchers disagree, with some rare names none can be found. There are beautiful and not so beautiful. But one thing is certain: the meaning of a name is exciting and research is always worthwhile.

We have found the 73 most beautiful girl names that have very special meanings for you. Maybe you fall in love with a meaning and then also with the name.

1. Nieves

If you get a winter girl, then the Spanish name Nieves fits, because it means “our lady of the snow”.

2. Gemma

Gemma is a girl's name from Latin and has the beautiful meanings “the gem” and “the bud”.

3. Enya

“Source of Life” - what more appropriate name for a newborn?

4. Ilayda

The name Ilayda has four very special meanings: “the rain droplets in paradise”, “the angel's tears”, “the water fairy” and “the mermaid”.

5. Nilay

Nilay is Turkish and means “moon that shines on the Nile”.

6. Tamika

Tamika means “the beautiful child” in Japanese, “sweetness” in Swahili and “the flower of the rising sun” in Haitian.

7. Ranya

The Arabic name Ranya means "the lovely one," the beautiful one "and" a feast for the eyes ".

8. Dina

With Dina you are always on the safe side when choosing a location, because the name means “a beautiful protective place”.

9. Frieda

Frieda means “the peace princess” or “the strong elf”.

10. Philippa

Do you have a horse? Your daughter will love it! Philippa means “the horse lover”.

11. Layana

Layana has two extraordinary meanings: “place of inspiration / meditation / rest” and “little night owl”.

12. Vanessa

For all fans of the colorful, fluttering, tender creatures: Vanessa means “queen of butterflies” and “butterfly elf”.

13. Afryea

When everything is going well in life: “born in good times”.

14. Sünje

The Frisian name Sünje means “the little sun”.

15. Mira

So many positive meanings: “the wonderful”, “the ocean”, “the peace”, “the little princess”, “the good”, “the beautiful” and “the princess”.

16. Alexandra

Alexandra will always protect others because the name means “the men defending”, “the protector” and “the defender”.

17. Xia

The Chinese name Xia has three great meanings: “the heroine”, “the glow of the sunrise” and “the summer”.

18. Tatum

Tatum has the motivational meaning of “cheering others on”.

19. Akshita

... because the love for your daughter is “limitless”!

20. Yoko

Very similar to “Yolo” (= You only live once), Yoko means “optimistic child”, but also “child of the sea” and “child of the sun”.

21. Ayoka

The African name Ayoka means “the one who brings joy to all”, in keeping with the joyful event of a birth.

22. Leila

Leila has some beautiful meanings: “the dark beauty”, “the wise”, “the healthy”, “the saint” and “the lilac” or “delicate purple”.

23. Orlaith

Behind the Irish name Orlaith is the unique meaning “the golden princess”.

24. Lina

Lina has some special meanings: “the free one”, “small date tree”, “bud of a date plant”, “the palm tree”, “the tender one”, “the radiant one” and “the united”.

25. Tali

The Hebrew name Tali means “the dewdrop”.

26. Tuana

“The first raindrop to fall into paradise” - it couldn't be more paradisiacal.

27. Iris

When sun and rain unite: “the rainbow”.

28. Philomena

Philomena is a Greek name and means “one who is loved” and “the friend of courage”.

29. Abigail

Abigail means “source of joy”, but also “fatherly joy”.

30. Jara

Perfect for spring kids! Jara = “the (small) butterfly”, “the strong one”, “the spring” and “the queen of the water”.

31. Hanako

Do you like flowers? Then name your baby Hanako = “the flower girl” or “the flower child”.

32. Lillesol

Lillesol is Swedish and means “little sunshine”.

33. Amaya

The name Amaya has three wonderful meanings: “the night rain”, “the tender one” and “the cute one”.

34. Varisa

A name for everyone who feels at home on boats: “who sleeps on the sea”.

35. Diala

"God gives you a life, he also gives you the bread" - that's great, it also satisfies hunger :)

36. Aurora

The perfect name for those born early in the day: Aurora = “the dawn”. Aurora also means “the northern lights”.

37. Selena

Selena has the magical meaning "the moon goddess".

38. Maylin

Since the name Maylin occurs in many languages, it also has many great meanings: “black panther”, “large waterfall”, “beautiful day” and “beautiful jade / orchid”.

39. Samira

It never gets boring with Samira in the evening, because she is the “evening conversation partner”.

40. Abiba

Life and death are so close together ... Abiba is the “first child born after the death of his grandmother”.

41. Althea

The Greek name Althea has the beautiful meaning “the healer” or “the healer”.

42. Natsuki

Natsuki is Japanese and means “the summer hope” and “the summer princess”.

43. Effie

Effie has a meaning that we all want for our children: “of good repute”, “the one that is well spoken of” and “the good omen”.

44. Kassandra

Kassandra will never have problems finding a partner because she is “the seductress” or “the man catcher”.

45. Minerva

No problems at school! Minerva means "the thinking one" and "the wise one".

46. ​​Morganne

A name for everyone who likes to live on boats. Morganne means “born at sea”.

47. Beatrix

Beatrix has the meanings “the happy one” and “the traveler”. A daughter who makes others happy and travels the world is a wonderful idea.

48. Arjeta

Arjeta is an Albanian name and has the beautiful meaning “the golden life” - that's what we want for our daughters!

49. Alima

Alima is a daughter “who loves dance and music”.

50. Asra & Ezra

Your daughters Asra or Esra arrive at the holiday resort at daybreak, because they are “the travelers at night”.

51. Cosima

Your daughter Cosima will always have a tidy nursery, because her name means “the tidy one” - at least hope dies last ...;)

52. Timea

You can already see her in front of you - the happy, laughing little Timea, whose name means “happiness”, “cheerfulness” and “the one with the good heart”.

53. Amina

Amina comes from Arabic and combines many great properties. She is “the woman of peace, security and harmony” and also “the trustworthy one” and “the honest one”.

54. Neyla

Behind Nelya are the three most meaningful and most beautiful words: “I love you”.

55. Dilara

Dilara has the wonderfully loving meanings “the one that delights the heart”, “the flaming heart” and “that adorns your heart”.

56. Kya

The African name Kya has the wonderful meaning of “the diamond in the sky”.

57. Scout

The maiden name Scout has an unusual meaning. It means “the girl scout”, “the spy”, “the scout” and “one who collects information covertly”.

58. Alwine

Alwine is the “noble / distinguished friend” and quite fairytale “the friend of the elves”.

59. Edna

Edna has beautiful positive meanings “delight”, “loveliness” and “pleasure”, “joy”.

60. Keziah

Keziah is a biblical name and means “the lovely fragrance” or “the cinnamon blossom”.

61. Priyanka

Priyanka is Indian and has the wonderful meanings “the loving one”, “the beloved” and “who makes someone happy”.

62. Calliope

Calliope is a perfect name for children who like to sing well, because it means “the beautiful voice” and “the one with the beautiful voice”.

63. Emine

Emine has some beautiful meanings: "the trustworthy", "the honest", "the fearless" and "the sound of the smile".

64. Aya

Aya also combines some great meanings: “the color”, “sign of God”, “the beauty”, “fast flying bird” and “the melody”.

65. Delara

The name Delara comes from Persian and has the wonderful meanings “that adorns the heart” or “that delights the heart”.

66. Telma

Thelma fits a very self-confident and strong woman, because the name means “the one who knows what she wants”. And also “the beloved one” or “the lovable one”.

67. Aziza

The name Aziza has so many great meanings: “the beloved”, “the respected”, “the precious” and “the precious”.

68. Kamila

But also with the name Kamila you give your daughter many great meanings: “the honorable one”, “the noble one”, “the free-born”, “the perfect one”, “the decent one” and even “the perfect one”.

69. Ima

The name Ima has several great meanings, such as “love”, “charity”, “how beautiful!”, “The beautiful flower”, “the beautiful girl” and “the all-embracing”.

70. Anukis

A hug is always good. You only need an Anukis for this, because she is “the hugger” or “the hugger”.

71. Hippolyta

Hippolyta is particularly animal-friendly. The name comes from ancient Greek and means “who sets the horses free” or “who lets go of the horses”.

72. Mirabella

Mirabella has the wonderful meanings “the admirable”, “the wonderful” and “of wonderful beauty”. What more do you want?

73. Amethyst

And finally, a very extraordinary meaning for an extraordinary name: amethyst. The perfect name for women who have had a few too many glasses with. Because it means “it counteracts the intoxication”. Derived from the purple semi-precious stone, which, according to an old belief, makes the wearer immune to the intoxication of wine.

PS: There are boy names here with great meanings, and here are some gender-neutral names with beautiful backgrounds.
But there is also the opposite: names with less beautiful meanings.

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