What are the best films about the business

41 films that every entrepreneur should have seen

Whether on the Internet, in books or in movies.

You can find inspiration everywhere.

So that you waste your time makes sense and are not only entertained, but also a little inspired and motivated, I have whole 41 films compiled that you as Entrepreneur should have seen.

Believe in yourself and in your dreams

1. The pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a great movie, really. It's just a soulful and moving flick on a real story. Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, who went from homeless to self-made millionaire.

Lesson: Life is not easy. If you want something, take it. Point.

2. The Secret

The Secret is a very motivating film that comes across as a bit documentary and esoteric. Nonetheless, I find that very important topics, namely positive thinking and the "law of attraction" are chewed through very well and understandably.

Lesson: Think positively and you will attract positives.

3. Field of dreams

Haha, the Field of Dreams may be a bit cheesy, but it certainly touches the heart of one or the other. It's about a simple corn farmer (Kevin Costner) who suddenly gets an inspiration and builds a baseball field. Strangely enough, deceased baseball players later play and train on this field. But only some of the players can see, everyone else thinks the corn farmer is crazy.

Lesson: Believe in your dreams no matter what others say about them.

4. The art of winning - Moneyball

Moneyball shocks. Especially because this movie is based on real events again. Bratt Pitt plays Billy Beane, team manager for the Oakland Athletics. Together with a young Yale graduate and computer nerd, played by Jonah Hill, the two of them use a mocked, computerized statistics process to put the team together. And yes, they have success with it (more or less).

Lesson: Be innovative, be stubborn. Do your thing.

5. Tucker - A man and his dream

Preston Tucker, played by Jeff Bridges, wanted to build a technically perfect car after World War II. He drew plans and organized the construction of a car factory. However, the established auto industry got in his way and they tried by all means to stop him.

Lesson: Never, really never, give up your vision.

October 6th Sky

October Sky is based on the life of Homer Hickam (Jake Gyllenhaal), a young man whose future as a miner seemed mapped out. But then he discovered his passion for rockets and decided to build a rocket himself. No matter what should come.


Lesson: Change your life to get closer to your dreams.

7. The condemned

Bank manager Andy Dufresne, played by Tim Robbins, was falsely charged and convicted of the murder of his girlfriend and her lover. In the worst of conditions - in prison - Andy tried to make the best of the situation and achieved more than he had ever thought possible.


Lesson: Fear paralyzes you, hope sets you free.

8. Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionär is a touching and cheerful film at the same time. The film, shot in India, tells about a day in the life of 18-year-old Jamal Malik, who wins the main prize in the Indian version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" A film full of ups and downs.

Lesson: It doesn't matter where you come from, it matters where you go.

9. The YES Movie

The YES (Young Entrepreneur Society) Movie is a documentary directed by Louis Lautman who interviewed a wide variety of young, successful entrepreneurs and millionaires. Sean Belnik, T. Harv Eker and Farrah Gray should be mentioned as more or less well-known people.

Lesson: Young, successful and wealthy - works.

Taff business

10. Lord of War - Merchant of Death

Lord of War is one of my favorite films. Nicolas Cage plays an international arms dealer who was modeled on several real arms dealers, including Wiktor But and Karlheinz Schreiber.


Lesson: No matter where you come from, you can have anything you want.

11. Wall Street 1 & 2

Wallstreet 1 & 2 are the classics when it comes to brokers and stock exchange trading. Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is a young broker who wants to get to the top. Then he meets the tough and convinced Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), who was modeled after two Wall Street millionaires, Ivan Boesky and Carl Icahn. Michael Milken was also a role model. In the second part, Bud Fox disappears and Jake (Shia LaBeouf), who is engaged to Gordon's daughter, comes into play. Two really exciting parts.

Lesson: Everything has it's price.

12. Risk - The fastest route to wealth

Seth David, played by Giovanni Ribisi, breaks off his studies to run an illegal casino. But then it gets even better, he becomes a finance broker at a company where the commissions are extremely high. Later, Seth is confronted with money and greed versus morality and legality. What does he choose?

Lesson: Learn to sell.

13. Glengarry Glen Ross

To be honest, the film didn't really go down with me. He seemed a little too dreary to me somehow. Nevertheless, the film is very well known and widespread, which is why it also finds its place here. Glengarry Glen Ross are cunning, tricky, old real estate agents who have only one choice: sell, sell, sell. If not, they will lose their jobs.

Lesson: Make success your only option.

14. American gangsters

American Gangster, starring Denzel Washington, is about the life of gang boss and drug dealer Frank Lucas. With the clever use of a brand and bypassing the middlemen, Frank establishes himself in the drug business in Harlem. But he does not keep this place for long.

Lesson: The loudest in the room is the weakest in the room.

15. The Godfather 1, 2 & 3

The Godfather trilogy is a classic and a must-see film. With Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in the leading roles, it is about a Sicilian mafia family that bears the name Corleone. The Corleones start out as a small family business and grow to be the largest criminal family in New York.

Lesson: Make him an offer he can't refuse.

16. Blow

Blow is based on a true story. It's about George Jung and his career as a cocaine dealer. What starts out small at first starts to explode later. It is said that he had a hand in roughly 85% of all cocaine shipments in 1970. Even if the cocaine business is not legal, it is still a remarkable achievement and an exciting film! 😉

Lesson: Don't take the easy route because eventually it will cost you everything.

The unlimited possibilities of IT

17. The Social Network

The Social Network is about the Harvard graduate and now one of the youngest billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg, and the founding of the world-famous social network Facebook. It all started with a small student network for Harvard. The rest is history.


Lesson: Everything starts with an idea.

18. The Silicon Valley Story

The Silicon Valley Story or (much better) Pirates of the Silicon Valley is about the two big players in the IT business, Microsoft and Apple. This film tells the story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and the meteoric rise of these two companies.

Lesson: Good artists copy, great artists steal.

19. Middle Men

Middle Man is a tragedy and is based in part on the life of ePassporte founder Christopher Mallick. He tells the beginnings and history of pornography on the Internet.

Lesson: Be one of the first, no matter where;).

20. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Steve Jobs - One Last Thing is an English documentary about the incredible story of Apple and its founder, Steve Jobs. Friends and acquaintances speak up and unpublished excerpts from interviews are shown.

You can easily check out the full documentation below.


Lesson: Stay hungry. Stay naive.

21. Triumph of the Nerds

Triumph of the Nerds is again an English documentary film and describes the rise of the PC in the early 1970s. The documentary tells about many well-known personalities such as Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison.

Again you can just look at all 3 parts below - very comfortably here in the monkey jungle, What? 🙂




Lesson: The personal computer is a wonderful technology.

22. Startup.com

The documentary Startup.com accompanies 2 Dotcom founders, Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman, from brainstorming and starting a business to great success and the company's collapse GovWorks.com.

Lesson: It is only through our mistakes that we grow.

23. E-Dreams

No, this is not the last documentation yet, a few will follow! 😉

E-Dreams is about the rise and fall of Kozmo.com, an online store that delivered things in an hour. Founders Joseph Park and Yong Kang (around mid-20s) started their business in a warehouse and a handful of employees. Within a year they grew to over 3,000 - not bad.


Lesson: Without a proper business model, you will not survive.

24. Something Ventured

Something Ventured is again an English documentary that reports from the perspective of investors in Silicon Valley. It's really exciting to see a completely different perspective. It was through these risk freaks that Intel, Apple, Cisco, Atari and other companies could really grow.

Lesson: Sometimes you need money to really grow.

A bit of fun and games

25. Ocean 11, 12 & 13

Hachja, I definitely look at the Ocean parts once a year. Just a damn horny trilogy. It's about a group of damn smart and capable people who mostly break into casinos and steal loads of money.


Lesson: With a perfect team and a good plan, anything is possible.

26. Catch Me If You Can

A true story with a real fake. Catch Me If You Can is a funny film starring Leonardo diCaprio, who plays Frank William Abagnale. Frank is the youngest (around 17 years old) fraudster and check forger in history. "Unfortunately," he was later caught and sent to prison. But he didn't stay there long, today he advises banks, airlines and hotels on the subject (well what? :)) Check fraud and document forgery, of course.

Lesson: Nothing, really nothing, is impossible.

27. Ghostbusters

Ghostbuster ah ... a classic. But the film has more to do with entrepreneurship than meets the eye. Starting with the company foundation, finding the first customer to the complete marketing of your business. Ghostbusters is full of educational lessons.

Lesson: Business is like Ghostbusters.

28. The soldiers of fortune

The Soldiers of Fortune is a film starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. It's about a social experiment: two strangers, one rich, the other poor, they switch roles. In the end, the question arises for both of them, what is more important in life, friends and love or money and power?


Lesson: Make up your mind, what is important to you?

29. Loose business

Loose Business is a funny comedy starring a young Tom Cruise. His parents are on vacation and he (like probably every young person) lets it out a little. But then he sinks his father's Porsche in the lake and quickly needs a pile of coal for the repairs.

Lesson: You can achieve any goal with creativity and team spirit.

30. It's all routine

"Normal" work is annoying. Everything Routine is about Peter Gibbons who has a "normal" job and is a small number as an employee of a software company. He's in the hamster wheel of life and doesn't seem happy. But then it clicks and everything changes.

Lesson: A “normal” job may not get you very far in life.

31. A matter for the boss

An entertaining film comedy is purely a matter for the boss. Dan Foreman (Dennis Quaid) is 51 years old and will report to a much younger Carter Duryea (Topher Grace) due to poor performance. In addition, Carter falls in love with Dan’s daughter. A really complex situation do not you think so?

Lesson: Sometimes the younger ones know more than the older ones.

32. Marvel’s The Avengers

How could such a list be complete without a superhero movie? 🙂

Marvel’s The Avengers is about the union of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye to fight the common enemy, Loki.

Lesson: Find the right team to fix your weaknesses.

Give meaning to your life

33. Jerry Maguire - Game of Life

Jerry Maguire, played by Tom Cruise, is a man who had it all. He had a lovely partner, the greatest clients, and a lot of respect. But then he decided to question everything and was finally fired. Everyone turned their backs on him except for one crazy customer, Rod Tidwell. From then on, Jerry learned what is really important in life and in business. He got everything back later, but this time he went the right way.

Lesson: The journey is everything.

34. No limit

Without Limit with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro is a really respectable cinema thriller. It is about an unsuccessful writer who gains more intelligence, memory and concentration with the help of a new drug. But then, the drug has a negative effect on him.

Lesson: Only you are the master of yourself.

35. The best comes last

In The Best For Ending, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play two old men who both have cancer. Then both learn that they only have 6-12 months to live and start to make a list of things that they still want to do in their life.

Lesson: If you are not alive then you are dying.


36. Aviator

Aviator is a biopic about aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, played by Lionardo diCaprio. Howard was a young, energetic businessman and adventurer who later unfortunately developed psychological problems and lived a very withdrawn life.


Lesson: Some dream the future, some build it.

37. Up in the Air

Up in the Air is a flat tragic comedy starring George Clooney, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. It's about an expert whose employer sends him to companies that don't have the courage to fire their employees themselves. He actually loves freedom and anonymity, but then he realizes that other things are much more important to him.

Lesson: Live a full life.

38. The Corporation

The Corporation is a documentary that analyzes corporate behavior in business. He concludes that such companies would typically meet all of the criteria for being a psychopath (if one were to go by assessment criteria for human behavior).

Lesson: Do you want to get rich or do the right thing?

39. Rocky

Everyone knows Rocky and Sylvester Stallone. This movie is about Rocky Balboa rising from the very bottom to the top. But the story behind it is much more interesting. The then impoverished New Year's Eve was inspired by a boxing match, wrote the first version of the script himself within about 3 days and offered it to some film producers. The film was a complete success.

Lesson: All or nothing.

40. The Call of the Entrepreneur

This is the last English-language documentary in this series, we promise! 😉

The Call of the Entrepreneur shows several entrepreneurs and also describes the many positive elements that entrepreneurship brings to society.

Lesson: When entrepreneurs take risks, they jump into the future and hope that things will get better.

41. Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) is a simple man with good qualities. Still, he becomes extraordinarily successful, wins medals, becomes a professional ping-pong player, owns a large company, and inspires people all over the country.

Lesson: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

So, leave room for surprises in your life :).

Feel free to save this article, you won't be able to do everything at once anyway.

Do you know any other films that every entrepreneur should have seen?