What is the tastiest French dessert

Sweet treats: 16 French pâtisserie specialties

Tarte Tropézienne with brioche and vanilla cream

Do you want to eat less cake? Then treat yourself to Vera's version of the Tarte Tropezienne! The delightful mini cakes with delicate orange blossom, crunchy granulated sugar and buttery vanilla cream are so tiny that they hardly ever have to be eaten once.To the recipe

Chocolate Macarons

Macarons are an indispensable part of France. Daniela combines the sweet pastries with chocolate and bakes us heavenly, crispy chocolate macarons with airy, fruity strawberry and mascarpone cream. You can't snack more beautifully!To the recipe

Eclairs with lemon curd and mascarpone cream

We love cream puffs! If only they weren't always plastered with a bite to eat. Fortunately, Stephie has the solution for extensive feasting: wonderful and fluffy eclairs! Instead of heavy cream, they come to your plate with refreshing lemon curd and mascarpone cream and turn your coffee gossip into a French delight!To the recipe

Berry tart

Ice cream is best for summer. Berries go best with ice cream. And crunchy, buttery shortcrust pastry goes best with berries. Alina simply combines everything into a summery French dessert delight with a light mascarpone and yoghurt filling.To the recipe

Eggnog madeleines with brown butter and vanilla

Fluffy, light, delicious! Sabrina's and Steffen's golden madeleines with a shot are ideal for in between, but with brown butter and vanilla so delicious that you won't get enough! In a beautiful shell shape, the delicacies take us on vacation to the south.To the recipe

Lemon tart

If life gives you lemons, make a delicious tart out of them! Tina thought that too and surprised us with a lemony-fresh tart. Almost too nice to eat!To the recipe

Profiteroles with chocolate ganache

What do you get when you mix choux pastry, vanilla cream and dark chocolate ganache? The tastiest love triangle you can imagine! Thans golden-brown profiteroles with a creamy heart rightly wear a bitter crown. Real kings of taste!To the recipe

French chocolate tart with summer berries

What's better than the power duo chocolate and berries? When your delicacy just comes fresh from the fridge, as with Ela's chocolate tart with summer berries!To the recipe

Eclairs with strawberries and mascarpone cream

Everything just sounds much more melodic and delicious in French. Instead of “love bones” lying bulky in the mouth, Maja spoils us with eclairs. The golden yellow treasures leave the tongue just as velvety as they do in our dessert stomachs. Add mascarpone cream and strawberries and you'll forget both names out of sheer enjoyment.To the recipe

Baba au rhum

Tchin-tchin! Tine spoils us with her sweetly soaked mini baba au rhum. Orange and passion fruit provide a wonderfully fresh twist. This is how we love our nightcap!To the recipe

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The tricolor to enjoy! With Sascha's and Torsten's three-colored macarons, everyone with a sweet tooth will be happy. The crispy pieces, wrapped in delicate pastel shades, surprise with three different fillings!To the recipe

Macarons © Sascha & Torsten Wett | The boys cook and bake

Almond tart with pears and chocolate

It's the inner values ​​that count! The French know that as well as Jessica. Your almond tart with pears is almost too nice to cut and is just as convincing in terms of taste. Crunchy base, creamy chocolate ganache, almond cream and juicy pears - reads well, enjoys even better!To the recipe

Eggnog cupcakes

When classics in mini format land on our dessert fork, we are always on fire! The foodistas take the tricky Saint Honoré cake as an example and conjure up cupcakes with a twist. The sweet delicacies meet choux pastry, vanilla pudding and fruity passion fruit. Add a little egg liqueur and we also pay homage to Holy Honoré.To the recipe

Eclairs with nougat filling and chocolate icing

Opposites attract! And where should that be more true than in the land of love? Simone's fluffy eclairs have the most delicious love affair since there were ovens with a wonderfully heavy nougat ganache. Then a shiny chocolate icing, which reflects your enthusiasm and feasted on you!To the recipe

Blackberry soufflé

You can eat French clouds! How do you wonder With our airy, fruity blackberry soufflé in pale pink! The greatest pleasure that can be made from berries!To the recipe