Did something cool happen to you today?

Translation of "something cool" in German

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something cool something cool
Can't I be something cool, like a vascular surgeon or ...
I can not something cool be like a vascular surgeon or ...
You have to actually leave the building for something cool to happen.
You have to leave the building with that something cool happens.
Okay, I'll show you something cool in my room.
I was just trying to do something cool.
I'm thirsty. Give me something cool to drink, please.
I suddenly shuddered when something cool touched my head.
I started when something cool touched my head.
For once we can do something cool...
I just wanted to see something cool happen.
I want to show you something cool.
You can build something cool onto the wall and try it.
Just think of something cool and give me credit.
Just think about it something cool and claims it is from me.
Jules, I have something cool to show you.
Buddho is something cool and calm.
A: There's something cool about him.
I mean something cool, like ... face-switching or ... body-swapping?
Maybe something cool... like swapping faces or changing bodies?
You have to find something cool to wear tomorrow!
You really felt like you were doing something cool.
Well, I think I'd like something cool.
No, because the answer is something cool, I want you to do a brain biopsy on a 48-year-old dead guy.
No because the answer something cool you should do a brain biopsy on a 48-year-old dead person.
You found something cool on the net?
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