You could butcher your own meat

If you have meat, then do it right!

A good piece of meat should mean more to every consumer than just a piece of meat. Raising animals, nourishing them well in a healthy environment, looking after their welfare - all of this includes more than mere benefits. It takes knowledge and conscience, empathy and respect to do a good job as a meat producer and processor.

That's why we started our campaign because we finally want to talk honestly about meat. About the fact that it takes a lot of specialist knowledge and experience to deliver a good product. About the fact that it makes sense to build up production regionally. About the fact that animal welfare cannot just be attached to a label. About the fact that in the end you also have to talk about appreciation.


make decisions

We want to maintain the good traditions and at the same time introduce modern ideas of ethics and conscious consumption. We made our decision! They also?
As a customer, you have the choice of where to shop and which products to choose. As an employee, you can choose a responsible employer who sensibly combines tradition and modern working methods. As a prospective customer, school, partner or company, you can form your own opinion: Strong regional structures are a healthy basis for everyone who lives here.


When it's done really well
it tastes really good too.

roast pork

A good piece of roast pork is available in many different variations. With different marinades and fillings. The excellent taste is also due to the fact that the animals come from the region and we know that they were able to grow up under the best conditions.


Arsonists, cheese sausages, seasoned with wild garlic or as gypsy sausage - we can come up with a lot so that the bratwurst always delivers a top taste on your grill. And of course also in the pan - right up to the classic snail.

Our fresh & ready meals from the glass

No time to cook lavishly? Not so bad. Try our diverse fresh and ready meals! With fresh ingredients, simply deliciously cooked - e.g. B. lentil soup, Bolognese, curry sausage, poultry curry, roulades, pulled pork and much more. m.

Inlay for the stew

The epitome of delicious: a well-made stew. It is served correctly with fresh vegetables and soup meat, e.g. B. a leg disk. With Mettendchen or cabbage sausage. Easy to make and a little better on the second day!

Meat sausage

With or without garlic, our meat sausage still deserves its name. Because there is a lot of good pork in it. Spicy seasoned and taken hot from the beech smoke, it comes fresh on the table as a traditional snack with spicy mustard or as an insert in a hearty stew.

Meatballs / schnitzel

Freshly fried or pre-cooked for at home: Schnitzel and meatballs are always popular long-time favorites. It's all about the breading or seasoning! Our customers love our preparation and order for parties, excursions and family celebrations.

Grilled meat

Put only the very best quality on your grid. Neck or lumber steaks from pork, beef steaks marinated in different ways, and tender medallions for gourmets. The barbecue party will be a highlight!

Grill skewers

Our variations are unique. Try our classic kebab skewers, shepherd skewers with wild garlic and cream cheese, gyros or beef skewers. There are also filled pockets with gyros, tomato / mozzarella and much more. m.


Always freshly made, in different variations. Classically as a fine meat for bread, pure or seasoned with paprika and onions or as a hunter's meat. Roughly, you can get meat from us for Bolognese, meatballs or meat loaf.


Fresh from the Sauerland pastures to your plate, well matured, with a strong aroma, as it should be! With us you get every piece: from roast beef to roulades, boiled beef to fillet and leg slices for soup or the Milanese osso buco.


So many varieties, so different and all simply delicious: smoked or air-dried, Italian-flavored or matured in beech smoke. Be sure to test our Madfelder Stracke. She is our trademark!


Which ham would you like? Bone ham, salmon ham, bacon, smoked pork belly or cooked ham? We offer all types of preparation: cured, smoked, air-dried or baked.


Stews such as goulash, braised beef and the ever-popular roulades will result in twice as good if you pay attention to the right quality. You can get it from us, and if it is no longer at hand, the recipe for it too!

Wiener sausages

Our homemade specimens prove that wiener sausages are anything but boring. They're crisp, juicy, and full of flavor. Add your own potato salad and the party can get going!

Sausage in a glass

A new glass every day? Why not! We have preserved delicious recipes: cooked meat, liver sausage, brawn and much more. Practical and hygienic for the breakfast table or for dinner!

If meat, then from the region

The habitats in the Sauerland are among the most species-rich in Central Europe. As a regional company, it is all the more important to us that this diversity, which is worth protecting, is preserved. A considerate, resource-saving, regional agriculture is a valuable contribution to this. By cooperating with local farmers, we follow this claim every day. We know every company, have examined every animal before slaughter and process almost all parts of the animals.




When it comes to meat, there is a variety of products

When it comes to meat, consumers should be able to rely on the fact that everything is produced according to the rules of the art with a lot of dedication so that you can really taste the difference to an industrial product.

We process cattle and pigs completely, with almost all parts. This is not only particularly responsible, it also produces products that are not available in other companies, such as ox or pork cheeks. Our assortment list of our own products includes a total of over 200 items. With our processes for smoking, curing and ripening, we are both old school and technologically up-to-date.

If it is meat, then animal-friendly

If we have meat, then we want to make sure that the animals we slaughter have grown up well and have been kept appropriately. This includes a varied diet, exercise and exercise, stress-free processes and unencumbered medical care. We seek proximity to the breeding farm because we want to work together with the farmers in a binding and respectful manner. That trust leads to better results.

As an organically certified company, it is also important to us that the feed is produced free of harmful substances and without genetic engineering.

If there is meat, it is well prepared

If there is meat, then it is part of the appreciation that only good things are added to the processed products. We make our products durable using traditional methods such as preserving, curing, smoking or air drying. We do not use flavor enhancers and use a lot of herbs. Our recipes come either from traditional sources or from the creative minds of our employees.

If you have meat, then it is for your success at home

If it is meat, then you as a consumer should be able to fully enjoy it at home. That's why it's important to us: freshness, freshness and even more freshness. You can clearly see our quality on our counters and in the self-service chests. So that you can enjoy your shopping at home even more, we would be happy to vacuum-pack the meat for you, for example. We also give you useful tips at the counter and here on the website on how to better prepare your meat in terms of cooking times and preparation techniques. And last but not least: Use our many options for deliveries, gift service or snack bar rental.

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