The Turkish cuisine is underestimated

Turkish cuisine: the magic of the Orient

A lot of vegetables such as eggplants are also part of Turkish cuisine (Photo by: chudo2307 / Depositphotos)

This is how you can bring the Orient into your home with Turkish cuisine

What does the Turkish cuisine so special that it ranks third on the popularity list worldwide, just after Chinese and French cuisine? It is the diversity and also a certain Down to earththat makes Turkish cuisine so unique and therefore so popular.

Many different cultures and also the Turkish conquests through Europe have enriched the cuisine of Turkey over the centuries and you can still taste it today.

Main ingredients of Turkish cuisine are

To get a little closer to the European palate, many dishes are like Doner or kebab today also offered with poultry meat.

With the right ones spices, but a doner kebab with turkey meat also tastes very good. Anyone who would like to try Turkish cuisine at home should try poultry if possible, because lamb is not for everyone and the preparation is not that easy and sometimes a challenge.

The Turkish cuisine is delicious and also very healthy. She is always balanced and has low in cholesterol, is easy to digest and very varied. Meatballs, fish dishes such as mussels or cheese specialties are usually served with a salad on the first course.

This is followed by meat and vegetarian dishes. The whole thing is rounded off with sweet desserts or fresh fruit. The menu really ends with a Turkish coffee or tea.

Doner kebab and more

Doner translated means nothing else than "turn" and that spicy meat from the rotisserie With

  • tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • lots of onions
  • White and red cabbage
  • that with a yogurt sauce
  • in a bag made of flatbread

packed has become a popular snack in Western Europe. Unfortunately, this kebab has nothing to do with the kebab as it is eaten in Turkey.

The Turks appreciate kebab, but they would never put it in one Flatbread bag Eat on the go, but always nicely arranged on a plate, with the family. A Turkish restaurateur invented the doner kebab "to go" because his guests were always in a hurry and only wanted the Turkish specialty to take away.

Typical Turkish cuisine

In Turkey, meals are generally only eaten in the evening around 8 p.m. But no family eats alone, friends or relatives are always invited. The food takes a correspondingly long time and the range of dishes is correspondingly large. Anyone who wants to cook a Turkish meal should start with a soup. Red and Green Turkish lentil soup is very popular, but also the traditional Tripe soup.

  • Soup: For this Soup rumen is boiled in lemon water, cut into strips and served in a roux with butter, vinegar and garlic. Soups are never eaten in Turkey, they are always drunk.
  • Starter: They follow the soup Appetizers. The skill
    • Dolma be, stuffed grape leaves
    • or hummus, a porridge made from chickpeas
    • Or gratinated aubergine slices with Börek, small puff pastry rolls that are filled with cheese or minced meat
  • Main dish: When it comes to that main dish then the choice is huge. But it should always be lamb, mutton or poultry.
    • Lamb kebab with braised tomatoes and onions in a yogurt sauce is just one of the many options.
    • pilaf, the famous rice dish or
    • Köfte, Turkish meatballs with vegetables, are part of the traditional cuisine of Turkey
  • Beverages: Either drink with it
    • Raki, the traditional aniseed schnapps, which is filled with water that is as ice-cold as possible
    • or but Ayran, a soft drink made from yogurt.
  • Dessert: The Desserts are out a true orgy
    • sugar
    • Almonds
    • honey
    • and candied fruits.
      • Turkish baklava, a kind of sheet cake made of several layers of puff pastry with pistachios or nuts, is popular and well-known, and sugar syrup is repeatedly poured over it during baking.

The Top 10 Turkish Recipes:

We have put together for you the 10 most popular and well-known Turkish specialties at a glance:

  1. Menemen, Turkish fried eggs
  2. Pide with Ezmeler
  3. Turkish lentil soup Mercimek Çorbası
  4. Filo Feta cigars
  5. Gozleme with spinach
  6. Sucuk - Turkish garlic sausage
  7. Koefte - Vegan bulgur balls with bulgur salad
  8. Manti
  9. Lahmacun - Turkish style pizza
  10. Baklava with pistachios

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