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Medical Visa for India

India Medical Visa - What For?

The Indian diplomatic missions have a separate visa category for people traveling to India for health treatment. The Medical Visa, also known in Germany under the designation of medical treatment visa or medical visa, allows patients to use the medical services of Indian doctors and hospitals. A tourist visa is not sufficient.

How long is the Medical Visa for India valid?

The medical treatment visa is valid for a maximum of one year and allows up to three entries. Whether the patient is allowed to stay in India for several days, weeks, months or a whole year depends on the duration of the medical treatment in each individual case.

What are the conditions for Medical Visa?

If you travel to India to visit Indian doctors, you need documents from the treating hospital for the visa application, which inform you about the time and purpose of the treatment. English is specified as the written language for the documents. The treatment plan must be submitted in addition to the usual documents such as passport, application form and passport photos. People of Indian origin usually need a so-called surrender certificate.

Patients traveling on a health care visa are required to register within 14 days of entering India.

Visa to accompany the sick

If the sick do not start their journey to medical treatment alone, e. B. because they are too weak, the Indian embassy offers a special travel permit for accompanying persons. The patient accompaniment and support visa is valid for the same period as the patient's medical visa. It is also available for stays of up to one year and a maximum of three entries and exits.