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Thermo King: Tesco puts 52 vans with electric cooling into service

The British retail company Tesco has increased its delivery fleet for Great Britain by 52 new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter delivery vans with the inverter-operated, all-electric refrigerators from Thermo King. In order to be able to carry out the various home delivery, rural and click-and-collect services, the grocer needed a complete transport refrigeration solution that could ensure an uninterrupted cold chain during several journeys a day from the warehouse to the customer.

Steve Williams, Area Customer Service Manager at Thermo King, has already received very positive feedback from customers about the technology of the E-200.

"These benefit from efficient temperature management, emission-free and low-noise operation and can transport food and products with maximum comfort for people in urban areas," Williams continues.

The specialty of the new system lies in its autonomy, advertises the provider. It does not require a drive kit, main compressor or vehicle modification to operate. A patented energy management system is included, which should also lead to lower energy consumption, increased vehicle range and higher efficiency and reliability. The solution does not depend, as before, on the operation of the diesel engine and should enable stable cooling with specially built-in batteries, even when the van engine is switched off.

More precise cooling control, less consumption

By varying the electricity flowing to the refrigeration machine, the inverter can provide more energy if required, which contributes to faster temperature cooling during pre-cooling, the provider specifies. By controlling the power supply, the inverter provides precise control of the motor speed and the exact cooling or heating power required to control the temperature, the manufacturer continues.

Due to the electrical operation, the vehicles are compliant with PIEK standards and UVARs (Urban Vehicle Access Regulations, access restrictions) for noise levels in urban areas, which enables driving in low-emission zones or quiet operation for night deliveries.

The impetus for the product development of the E-200 came as part of the climate protection promise of Thermo King parent Trane Technologies for 2030. According to this, the environmental impact of the customers through the products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and transport refrigeration should be reduced by one gigatonne CO2e should. That corresponds to the total amount of annual emissions from Italy, France and the United Kingdom. jr / Valentin Hein

LOGISTRA comment:

When it comes to climate protection, the many small details are also important. Whether you actually save more CO2 depends of course on the type of power generation, because if the power for the new cooling system continues to be generated with fossil fuels, the balance may ultimately remain the same. Nevertheless, it is still good and important to invest in innovative new systems.