How many people died on the crusades

The seven crusades

Seven times on a crusade

The First crusade lasted from 1095 to 1099 and ended with the capture of Jerusalem. Four Crusader States were established: the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the County of Edessa, the Principality of Antioch and the County of Tripoli.

When the county of Edessa was lost to the Muslims in 1144, it came to the in 1147 Second crusade. Also Konrad III. took part in it. The crusade ended unsuccessfully in 1149.

The Third crusade took place from 1189 to 1192. The crusader states had problems holding out against the Muslims. The Sultan Saladin had conquered Jerusalem. Philip II August of France, Richard the Lionheart from England and Friedrich Barabarossa, Holy Roman Emperor, all called for a crusade. Friedrich drowned in 1190 in the Saleph River in what is now Turkey. His army disbanded. Jerusalem could not be taken.

in the Fourth crusade French knights and those from the Republic of Venice fought. The target was actually Egypt, but then Constantinople was sacked - even though it was Christian. There had been conflicts with the merchants from Venice who lived there. The conquerors were very brutal, deepening the rift between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

In 1212 one took place Children's crusade instead of. Many children and young people, but also adults, took part. They came from the Rhineland and Lower Lorraine. The train is said to have disbanded in Genoa. For the miracle that was promised to them - the sea should open and they should get dry feet to the Holy Land - did not take place.

The Fifth crusade was led by Emperor Friedrich II and lasted from 1228 to 1229. Friedrich signed a peace treaty with the Sultan al-Kamil. The Christians received Jerusalem back in the peace of Jaffa, Friedrich was even allowed to be crowned King of Jerusalem. The Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock, an area within Jerusalem, should, however, remain in Muslim hands. Not everyone was happy with this compromise.

In 1244 Jerusalem fell to the Muslims again. So the French King Louis IX broke. 1248 to Sixth crusade on. However, it failed as early as April 1250.

The Seventh crusade took place in 1270. The Mameluks had ruled Egypt. The crusader fortresses were gradually conquered by them. In 1291 the last crusader castle fell in Acre. The last of the crusaders were driven out.