How is music production

The 4 main disciplines of music production

1. Pre-production

After a great song has been written in the rehearsal room, it should of course be presented to the general public. For this purpose, a recording studio is booked to give the production a sound that can keep up with “the big ones”. This is where pre-production or pre-production comes into play. Most producers, or at least I want to have a basic idea of ​​how a song is structured, which instruments are used, how many voices are included, and, in general, whether it's a Metal, Pop, or EDM track. It can save a lot of time and money if these details do not have to be discussed in full when the studio clock is already ticking.

But what is pre-production or pre-production now? It is a simple and quick recording of a song, which is created either independently or with the help of the producer in the rehearsal room or home studio. As the name suggests, it all happens “before” the actual production. It is intended as a template for the actual recordings in the studio and should give a basic impression of the vibe of the song and the emotions to be transported. Nowadays, pre-production is easy to do with a laptop, an audio interface, an inexpensive microphone and possibly a few VST instruments.

From the producer's point of view, it is also reassuring to know that the musician (s) have already dealt with their music and the instrumentation in more depth and thought about how the finished product should sound.