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B2B lead generation: strategies and tricks for lead generation

The B2B lead generation represents a special challenge because the customer relationship in B2B is based on trust, which companies first have to earn. An emotional address can at best complement, not convince.

However, this is exactly what potential B2B leads want: to be convinced - through factual and comprehensible information that not only communicates competence, but that Make companies appear as credible solution providers. Facts and tangible added value count, not emotions and generic claims. Especially in a digitized everyday life, those companies will achieve a real lead in B2B lead generation that provide outstanding information at the relevant touchpoints with the help of B2B content marketing.


A lead is a term used in marketing and stands for a potential new customer contact.


To generate B2B leads, data records from interested parties are collected with the help of content and actions, which are then evaluated and used to establish and maintain contact.

The lead generation can be done actively by the interested party or by acquiring the company. Conducting B2B lead generation through content marketing is particularly clever, since people with a need will encounter content-relevant added value, which in the next step will bring them together with the appropriate, commercial offer from companies.

Increasing lead generation with B2B content marketing is an approach that achieves sustainable results. On the one hand, B2B content marketing enables the company to profile its content with interested parties through entertaining storytelling or journalistic formats with high informational use, and on the other hand, it makes the company more visible to the target group in the places where solutions are sought. Leads can arise through multiplication effects at strategic touchpoints, including the Google search engine. The initiative of companies to publish added value in terms of content will ultimately lead to more interested parties from the target group actively seeking contact with the company.

1. The content marketing funnel for the B2B lead generation

If you want to boost your B2B lead generation, you have to proceed strategically: It is not enough to just run Google AdWords and lure the potential lead to a landing page. B2B lead generation has to be thought of as a cycle. During their search, the interested party comes across content that convinces them and redirects them to other content that serves their information needs. The B2B recipient must feel cared for and have all important information within reach. “Straight to the point” - this is how B2B communication should be. Unfounded claims and overly promotional appearances can quickly appear dubious in B2B and give the impression that someone wants to be distracted from the actual competence profile. Instead, you need a well thought-out B2B content marketing funnel.


Dominance is the goal of the awareness phase.


Just like in B2C marketing, B2B content marketing begins with measures that capture the attention of potential B2B leads and link them with a brand - with that of your own company. As everywhere: The first impression counts. Here a company has to combine competence communication with an emotional approach and the USP Package in such a way that it touches the target group in their customer journey in the right place like a fist on the eye.

Here at the beginning of the funnel is a relevant sticking point that most B2B companies underestimate. For this reason, we are now going into more detail about why the first two phases should be illuminated more intensely.

When it comes to lead generation, the Top of Funnel have stages, that is, the Awareness and Consideration phase, a far greater importance than is often recognized. The keyword here is the amount of traffic volume generated. An underestimation of the levels can mean that in an environment where there is little scope anyway due to a niche topic orientation, this is not even rudimentarily exhausted.

But since lead generation is based on the formula: Reach x conversion = sales works, weak variables must be optimized in order to make lead generation successful.




Weak variables should be optimized as best as possible!


This graphic shows the customer journey with all its relevant touchpoints and the associated measures. Before the company tries to create added value for the individual touchpoints, it should be aware in advance of which journey the customer is embarking on and what expectations they have of which phase.

The figure shows when which measure can be used sensibly. Depending on the company, this can of course vary, even if the focus should be on the phase-supporting content.

In order to generate attention in the first phase, the figure shows that target group-relevant content such as e-books or white papers are an option.

With the help of high-quality content, trust and perception among customers can be sustainably increased. Such content leads the customer to an ever more detailed discussion of the topic and thus deeper and deeper into the funnel. The journey has started successfully.

Call-to-actions are convincing in two ways.

Above in the funnel, the user does not expect a sales landing page, but has to use what are known as Call-to-Actions, i.e. calls to action, can be picked up. At the beginning, the user intention still consists of pure knowledge acquisition. The user looks for approaches to solve his current situation. At this point the company can intervene for the first time by positions itself as a solution provider, for example by cleverly placing solutions in related publications. As a result, it makes sense to focus strongly on your own core competencies in terms of content in order to create a bridge between the procurement of information and the transactions that are ultimately based on it.

Publications of this type have the advantage that they Attention to both an approach and the brand itself to generate. Call-to-actions in this context can be, for example, the provision and download function of e-books, the sharing of the published content or the registration for a newsletter for regular updates.

The processing and provision of qualitative and substantial content has an immense influence on the generation of reach. The visibility and thus also the perception of the target group of the company can be significantly increased.

As a positive example, reference can be made to our case study for Saxoprint. Within this collaboration, the lead generation was increased through skillful content marketing. The core of the case was the development of an online magazine tailor-made for the company Saxoprint. In terms of content, sales, marketing, trade fair and B2B relations were dealt with in 200 how-to articles. Particular emphasis was placed on the user-optimized content structure and the inclusion of the Saxoprint shop via direct links.


With over 200 published articles, over 85 top 3 rankings were achieved. Lead generation has been significantly improved through conversion-optimized content such as e-book downloads.


Lead acquisition is possible through an emotional approach paired with convincing facts.


The B2B lead generation succeeds after a successful approach if the USP is presented and carried out objectively, and at the same time is personally tangible. Just because objectivity sets the tone in B2B does not mean impersonal communication. Companies have to show their faces. It is in the nature of humans to remember emotional events more strongly than factually correct, but nonetheless impersonal facts. People are looking for comprehensible alliance partners who fit into their own context - and can thus be part of their own history. Convincing information and a personal approach are an unbeatable combination. Then the interested party is also ready to leave their contact details.


Conversions result from added value!


In the next step, the lead must be directed into a conversion. Any piece of content, as good as it is, won't be of much use if it doesn't link the lead to the company's commercial interests. This can be achieved through strategic call-to-actions. In addition to specialist articles, subtle opportunities for interaction and contact can be offered. Contact forms that promise answers to the open questions, product presentations as part of the YouTube playlist or links to the purchase offer, which has a thematic overlap with the content: For the lead, call-to-actions must link the perceived added value of the content with the purchase. The lead should always be given an opportunity to react to the added value and take another step closer to the purchase offer.


Continuity and quality are the cornerstones for sustainable customer loyalty.


Through B2B lead nurturing, won customers and obvious interested parties can be nurtured and bound to the company. The B2B lead must continuously new content that offer him unexpected added value. Leads will learn to appreciate the company brand more and more not only through newsletters, but also through social media content, active maintenance and updating of the content on the homepage in the form of online magazines or corporate blogs. Recipients no longer remember the content so much, but rather the impression of quality and the sourcesin which they found good content. Therefore, a convinced lead will also return to the homepage or to the preferred channels and give the company the chance to convince them again and again.

An effective approach are Newsletter. Even after a purchase, the customer always wants the best possible solution and is therefore interested in optimization. With the help of newsletters, the company can position itself as a supporting assistant who regularly scatters input and is thus perceived beyond the purchase. We will go into this in more detail in our newsletter marketing article.


Upselling shows how good the added value of the products really is.


Anyone who has converted their B2B leads into loyal customers should focus on one in the next step Expansion of the business relationship focus. The increase in the repurchase rate is on the one hand the result of good B2B lead nurturing, on the other hand the continuation of relevant B2B content marketing. Ultimately, upselling will be determined by the quality of the products. After all, B2B upselling will only be as good as the added value of the commercial products.


B2B customer engagement is the result of successfully built trust.


Convinced customers may become ambassadors for the company. You can recommend them to the company in the industry and thus give your own appearance more authority. B2B lead generation can thus be boosted by multiplication effects in B2B networks. Because trust is everything in B2B. Anyone who complements the factually convincing content with an emotional approach will subconsciously leave a stronger impression on the target group.


7 B2B lead generation strategies and learnings

We have created a Best of B2B Lead Generation and summarized our own experiences and learnings.

→ Studies generate attention quickly and efficiently

B2B companies have a great interest in well-founded and high-quality information. Studies quickly attract the attention of interested parties. Potential customers can even be included in the study. As a result, the company that commissioned the study not only receives the contact details of decision-makers, but also interesting survey results and statistics, which generate further attention through the publication Follow up of the participants is possible. The prerequisite is that the study is thematically close to the lead.

→ Competitions encourage customers to get involved

Hands-on activities are a good way of attracting potential leads. Through competitions, participants are ready to deal with a company that Profit should be closely linked to the company's commercial offer, at the same time be relevant enough for the B2B target group and arouse interest in further offers.

→ E-books and whitepapers guarantee added value

E-books and whitepapers, the content of which is close to the target group, promise serious added value. Accordingly A lot of work should be invested in content creationso that the format delivers what it promises in terms of added value. A subtle placement of a download button - not advertising, but serious - ensures the traffic to a landing page, on which interested parties can leave their contact details in order to download the content.

→ Social media channels are the perfect reinforcement of the branding effect

Companies also need to be present on social media. In B2B, social media is not used as a research platform for purchasing decisions, but social networks complement the branding effect. Whether brand videos or infographics: In order for companies to achieve long-term success in B2B, they have to think and act like big players.

The social media presence can also be used to promote your own outcome. OMR has the right approach. The teaser text is concise and to the point. Additional information makes the reader curious just like the packaging in a storytelling. The emotional and surprising character encourages the user to read on.

→ Videos can emotionally link factual topics

Soon nothing will work without video. The viewing habits and the reception behavior of users are changing not only in B2C, but also in B2B. Old-fashioned image films will hardly be able to achieve positive branding effects. Instead, factual topics must meet emotional representations in B2B video marketing - in the form of brand videos, which rather the Communicate corporate identity as concrete facts, product descriptions or the company's history.

If you want to develop such videos for your own company, you should take a look at our article Image film production: 11 steps to a strong brand video, in which we explain in detail how to skillfully implement this central measure of corporate branding.

→ Native advertising is a support for B2B lead generation, not a pillar

Without ads, businesses won't get far with organic reach. However, it turns out that organic leads mostly of higher quality are than those who contact them via landing pages. Native advertising should only be understood as a measure to support the generation of attention and user signals, not as a pillar of B2B lead generation.

→ Online services for B2B companies are the key to valuable data sets

If a company offers a tool or a portal online as a free service with high added value, it will quickly gain high-quality leads. Whether a job portal or a web-based management software: The required registration of all users provides the company with valuable data sets. But here, too, the following applies: only through proactive seeding do relevant potentials become aware of the added value.

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