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Translation of "normal things" in English

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I know that you normal things don't like.
You should go out into the world normal things to do.
Hungary is no exception, what makes it unique is how whole normal things like lavender, paprika, grapes or herbs merge into a mysterious whole.
Hungary is not an exception, what makes it unique, however, is a way ordinary things, such as lavender, paprika, grapes and other herbs have a special, almost mysterious scent here.
You may have a horror of finding out that you will when you get over normal things talk, become completely normal yourself - even slowly, unimaginatively and pedantically.
You might be horrified to discover that when you do begin to talk about ordinary things, you become very ordinary indeed - even slow and unimaginative and pedantic.
You can tell that he has a lot normal things to be difficult.
You can tell that a lot of normal stuff is really hard for him.
Normal things, Films, books, music, popular cultural events.
You know, normal stuff: Movies, books, music, popular culture.
You never had to normal things do.
We hear each other on the phone, talk about normal things.
This duck is not responding to normal thingshow about their name.
I wanted normal things do how to drive my car to the supermarket myself.
She was very prominent and could normal things just don't do it, she didn't have time.
She was ... very high profile and couldn't ... do normal things, didn't have time.
We're just talking about normal things, that's why I know ... that's why I don't know anything.
We just talk about normal things, so I don't ... I don't know anything.
Well if you at normal things think then maybe you will become more normal.
Well, if you're thinking about normal things, then maybe you're becoming more normal.
We have the whole normal service ... so completely normal things that has a normal church.
We have all the normal serv ... all the normal things which a normal church has.
I can lead a normal life - normal things think ... even play normal music again.
I can live a normal life now, think normal things. even play normal music again.
He said: I thought the best way to appear normal would be with people about normal normal things like talking about football or what's on TV.
He said, I thought the best way to seem normal would be to talk to people normally about normal things like football or what's on TV.
Normal things, Friends or just to see something different from the inside of this house.
Ordinary things, like making friends or seeing more than just the inside of this house.
Normal things happen - cats are playing, water taps are dripping - and she still hangs there helplessly, incapable of any action of her own.
Normal things happen - cats playing, taps dripping - and still she hangs helpless and incapable of any autonomous action.
The "normal stu" likes normal things!
Bud doesn't normal things Expect in this game as you play like a mouse in an ad hoc build car that is integrated with some junk.
Bud don't expect normal things In this game, as you will be playing like a mice, in an ad hoc build car that is built with some junk.
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