Is liquid soap better than bars of soap

Are bars of soap spinning germs? Why it makes sense to use solid soap

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From: Laura Knops

Washing your hands regularly is one of the most important preventive measures in the corona pandemic (symbol image). © IMAGO / Addictive Stock

Compared to liquid soap, solid soap is considered more economical and environmentally friendly. But are bars of soap just as hygienic?

Freiburg - especially in times of Corona pandemic hygiene is particularly important. Regular and thorough Wash your hands In addition to wearing mouth and nose protection, this is one of the most effective preventive measures. Solid bars of soap are considered a more economical and environmentally friendly variant compared to Liquid soap. After all, one bar of soap saves a lot of plastic and packaging waste. But that's also how solid soap is hygienic like soap from the dispenser?

Soap sprouting solid soap? That's why you should still reach for the bar of soap

Solid soaps are considered to be a real spreader. That's how you put it Bar of soap not only with dirty hands, their damp surface also offers enough space for Germs. But unlike what many think is a Bar of soap by no means more unsanitary than a soap dispenser.

As the German Advice Center for Hygiene (BZH) reported in Freiburg, there are germs on the moist surface of the soap. In an unfavorable environment for them Bar of soap however, they cannot survive long. "Soap is an alkaline medium and as such a nutrient medium that bacteria and viruses - apart from a few exotic germs - do not like at all," explains Ernst Tabori, director of the German Advice Center for Hygiene (BZH).

Soap sprouting solid soap? Get rid of bacteria quickly

What is surprising, however, is that in the liquid soap there are even significantly more bacteria to be found. According to Ernst Tabori, these can be found at Soap dispensers on the Pumping mechanism accumulate in the bottle.

However, that too is not a cause for concern. Because both the bacteria on the bar of soap as well as the germs on the Soap dispenser you can get rid of it quickly: after soaping the Rub hands thoroughly and Rinse under running water. In this way, the germs are washed off again immediately.

Soap sprouting solid soap? Wash your hands properly

No matter if withsolid or liquid soap, what is decisive is regular and above all thorough hand washing. In addition the hands at least 20 seconds soap and then with a clean towel dry. The use of an additional Disinfectant or antimicrobial additives in soaps is according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) however not necessary. TheUse of disinfectants recommended for protection against the virus *. However, this is not only wrong, but also dangerous, as reports.

Frequent hand washing with soap is extremely stressful for the skin. At frequent hand washing the skin can become dry and cracked. In addition, inflammatory changes such as hand eczema can be the result. After everyDisinfect and after eachHand wash the skin should therefore be creamed with a care product to support the regeneration of the skin barrier.* is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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