What counts as heavy snowfall

Heavy snowfall in North Rhine-Westphalia hinders rush-hour traffic - it remains wintry

Weather service also announces winter weather for Wednesday

The DWD announces a similar picture for NRW for Wednesday. At slightly lower temperatures at around 0 degrees, however, this time snow falls into the lowlands. For the coming days, the meteorologists continue to announce typical April weather. A significant increase in temperatures can only be expected in about two weeks.

The onset of winter on Easter Monday and on Tuesday night caused several accidents on slippery roads around Paderborn. Several cars came off the road. A 31-year-old driver came to the hospital. Sometimes there was severe sheet metal damage. A truck slid into the guardrails near Altenbeken.

In the Olpe district, a 22-year-old was injured in an accident on a slippery road surface when her car slipped into oncoming traffic on Monday evening. The police assume that too high speed is the cause of the accident.

Numerous accidents within a few hours

The police in Dortmund reported numerous accidents for the motorways in the direction of Kassel (A44) and Sauerland (A445) triggered by the change in weather within a few hours. At the beginning of the week, twelve people were slightly injured and two seriously injured.

The police estimate the property damage at around 120,000 euros. On the Sauerland line (A45) there were numerous obstructions on Tuesday morning in the direction of Frankfurt due to the emergency.