How has epcot changed

Between amusement park and futuristic vision

Dreams come true. That is the motto of Disney World Orlando. But a great dream of Walt Disney himself has never been fully realized here: the vision of a city of the future. In which there are no garbage, energy, traffic and environmental problems. A highly developed education and pension system were also part of it. On a video that can be seen in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney himself explains how he envisioned his city of the future:

"We call it EPCOT, Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. EPCOT will point the way to new ideas and technologies that are only now emerging in the creative minds of American industry. It should be a society of tomorrow. That will never be finished, but rather new ones Technologies and systems tried out. EPCOT will be a flagship project. And demonstrate the ingenuity of American business. "

In the famous "Spaceship Earth" for example. One of the most famous attractions in the park. Like many developments by German engineers. Here the visitor can design "his city of the future".

"Here you can contribute directly to the future and shape it. Now it's your turn."

The oldest part of Disney World Orlando is the "Magic Kingdom". Opened on October 1st, 1971. From the beginning there was no car traffic. The people are transported above ground - in air-conditioned trains. The entire supply, on the other hand, works underground. There is not a single vehicle in the city itself. A showcase project. Just like the recycling system at Disney World, which was designed by so-called imagineers. Patrick Brennan is the vice president of this think tank in Orlando:

"Imagineers" deal with technology. Sometimes technology is all that matters. I think Disneyworld has a very impressive recycling system in place. We need almost all of our waste. We use it to fertilize the flower beds and the nurseries. Some of it becomes direct converted into renewable energy (for electricity and heating). We do not yet process our waste 100 percent. But that is exactly what we are working on at the moment. "

In Europe, on the other hand, renewable energies are being tinkered with, which will decisively change the landscape. Wind turbines, for example, that tower hundreds of meters into the sky. Unthinkable in Disney World. The systems for regenerative energy are almost invisible here.

"Many of our developments could be copied. They make it easier to organize a society."

At Disney World Orlando a middle ground seems to have been achieved. Many of Disney's futuristic visions have been implemented here.

Next to it: the colorful plastic and plush world of the Magic Kingdom comic book heroes. To experience Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and all the other Disney characters almost alive, visitors travel around the world.

The country copies in Epcot also have an almost magnetic attraction. This part of the park is something of a permanent world exhibition. W├╝rzburg, Beijing, Norwegian fjords, Paris, Venice: everything in the middle of Orlando. And reasonably authentic. One of those who was there on the opening day 40 years ago is Kent Phillips:

"I was working for the Jungle Crew in Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. There wasn't another theme park back then. For us, Disney World was an adventure, not just a job. But I never would have thought it would Idea becomes so well known worldwide. "

Kent Phillips made one of the typical Disney careers. He was promoted to director of the Disney College program. Students from any part of the world can apply for this program. They live, study and work on the Disney property. You are part of society. In the spirit of Walt Disney. Because he was convinced: a society of the future will only work if everyone lends a hand and if performance is rewarded.

If tomorrow Disney World celebrates itself for a day at the big birthday parade, Donald & Co will reap the cheers as usual. But the quiet heroes - the "Disney Imagineers" - remain in the background as always. All the physicists, environmentalists, engineers, architects and computer specialists, after 40 years of inventiveness, finally deserved a celebration.