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Buy motorcycles online? You should be aware of this.

From Laura | 23rd July 2020

Classic motorcycles are still very popular with lovers. From the iconicHarley-Davidsonto the romantic Vespa: two-wheelers are simply popular. But what about the buying experience? Go to the store and "feel" the bike? Or is that also possible safely on the Internet? We asked our motorcycle expert Manuel Garriga what you should pay attention to when buying online.

What determines the value of a classic motorcycle?

Value is an interesting component, especially in a market where demand is often higher than supply, at least for some models. The value depends on various factors, such as the mechanics, the optical condition, the rarity, the history and also on how the demand has changed over time. The demand for models from the 1960s to the 70s is particularly high right now, but collectors are also looking for older models, especially in Europe. .

The value of a classic motorcycle depends, among other things, on the mechanical and optical condition, the history, the rarity and fluctuations in demand

What should you look out for before buying a motorcycle on the internet?

There are many things you can do to be on the safe side: for example, only trust reputable sources and remember your common sense. First of all, especially if a motorcycle is of a certain age, you should check the engine and frame numbers. This allows conclusions to be drawn about how original the vehicle is. Then you take a close look at the large parts: tires, tank, seat, brakes, handlebars, etc. Compare the pictures of the motorcycle on offer with pictures of a brand new model. So you can discover whether the offer deviates from the original. Please do not forget: many motorcycles were released in different versions. So there could be differences in terms of engine size, design, features and performance.

Make sure to check whether the respective model can be approved in your country (and what that costs) before you decide to buy it. Within the EU, motorcycles that are more than 30 years old can usually be registered as vintage cars. As a classic car, this is relatively easy and uncomplicated. Although changes to registration within the EU are often straightforward, problems could arise with some brands or models. The role of our experts is also to advise and inform potential buyers in these cases.

It is best to buy from reputable supplier sites. At Catawiki, our in-house motorcycle experts check all descriptions, photos and details of the machines on offer before they are put up for auction. Of course, this means that many points that lead to uncertainty among interested parties have already been checked by our experts and, in case of doubt, will not get into the auction.

Make absolutely sure that the motorcycle you want can also be registered in your country

What are popular brands?

Harley-Davidson, Vespa and a variety of English brands - including Triumph, Vincent and Norton - are very popular, closely followed by German brands such as BMW. But these are just a few examples.

Which motorcycles are not only beautiful and popular, but also a good investment?

Motorcycles and mopeds from the 1950s to 1970s are gaining in value and popularity. They are perfect for small trips, so sometimes they are also used as decorative objects. In addition to large cylinders, we are talking about a price between € 500 and € 5,000 for unusual models.

Motorcycles and mopeds made in the 1950s through 1970s are good investments

Where can I safely buy a motorcycle on the Internet?

Nowadays, people are buying more and more online. But you don't just buy a motorcycle on the side. Most people who are interested are very familiar with the respective model - and that's a good thing. The main risk lies in the increasing number of scammers who use the Internet to deceive inexperienced, unsuspecting or inattentive people. You should definitely protect yourself from that.

There are many online auctions and marketplaces where you can find classic motorcycles. One of the advantages of Catawiki is that we combine the convenience of buying online with the trust and expertise of traditional auction houses.


Do you want to invest in your dream motorcycle? Then check out our weekly Motorcycle auctions at. You can tooregister as a seller - here on Catawiki.

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