Why is American food so unhealthy

nutrition : This is what America tastes like

In the southern states, the dishes are: giant steaks, triple burgers, the BBQ and double fudge brownies glazed with neon icing.

In any case, more is more, and meat plays a central role. A Thai restaurant will always put the classic steak on the menu in addition to its local specialties. Americans consumed 13 million tons of beef in 2007.

For Americans, poultry is to beef like cola light is to cola. Even Starbucks sells sandwiches filled with about a hundred slices of turkey breast as a healthy alternative. And Starbucks has invented extra cups that are closed by domes the size of a Reichstag dome - just so that a double serving of whipped cream fits on the decaffeinated coffee.

Cliche? Admittedly: there are delicious salads with blue cheese and cranberries, the supermarkets have vegetable shelves and pre-cut fruit. But: What Morgan Spurlock described in his self-experimental classic “Supersize Me” is sometimes true.

You willingly succumb to the charm of the unhealthy until you discover that beyond the urban coastal regions and metropolises there is nothing else besides fast food. And whoever follows the triumvirate of signs on a US highway - gas, food, lodging - gets a good overview of the fact that fast food is not viewed as a sinful exception, but as an almost daily ritual, an obvious stopover on the long way out of the Suburbs to the inner-city workplace. Where else in the world can you find such a perfect drive-in infrastructure?

The auto industry has invented many useful accessories for breakfast on four wheels - from the mobile coffee machine to the mini ice cube machine to the toaster for a single slice of bread. Thanks to the automatic transmission and cruise control, you have at least one hand free to handle the kitchen appliance. In America, the non-smoking country, the cigarette lighter, which is still supplied as standard, has not become superfluous and serves as a socket for the mobile emergency supply.

The only chain restaurant where you can get an idea of ​​what the food might consist of is Red Lobster - even in the middle of the arid Sierra Nevada, lobsters float with tied claws in a large show aquarium and you can decide for yourself which sea creature later lands on the pizza. In contrast, Taco Bell, Waffle House or Wendy's usually serve something indefinable. After the first bite it becomes clear: Once again, designers have given more thought to the packaging than chefs to the content. At Dairy Queen, the separation of humans and animals reaches its climax: where everything revolves around dairy products such as ice cream and yogurt, the question of some milk for coffee becomes real-life comedy. It only gets sad when you look at the body fat percentage of young people who leave school lunch and prefer to eat their lunch in a fast food branch - consisting of extra bacon and a liter of Dr. Pepper.

If you are sick of hamburgers and fat pancakes, you will be confronted with the pitfalls of upscale gastronomy. The art of "fine dining" needs to be trained. A strange habit for Europeans is, for example, the extreme willingness to communicate on the part of the service staff. Before you even get to the table, the waiter asks a variety of questions. How has the evening gone so far? How has the weather changed during the day? Is the guest in town for the first time? Did he book for a specific occasion? The questions when entering the US are a no brainer. During the meal, the waiter will ask exactly three times with cool calculated exuberance whether everything is okay. If the guest signals satisfaction the third time, the waiter quickly pulls out the dessert with the bill. It is only with great effort that he can be prevented from setting the table again immediately. Even “fine dining” takes only slightly longer than fast food, but is staged as an event so much that only an experienced guest can concentrate on what is served to him. The conversation then takes place at the bar.

And what if your stomach growls late at night? No problem, there is a light late night menu - consisting of four mini hamburgers with fries.

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