What are you happy in life

In my last article I wrote about the importance of getting to know yourself better. Finding out what makes you really happy is definitely an important part of it. Because what is more important than being happy?

If I asked you now what you like to do, I am sure you would think of a few things. But there is definitely a lot more. So I think it's a good idea to sit down for a few minutes and really think about it. And then to pull out paper and pen and write everything down.

The bucket list

Creating your own “lucky list” is a great thing. Make this list of all the activities that you love and that make you happy. Really everything. As soon as you start to think about it, a lot of things suddenly come to mind. You'll see, it's even fun!

When you finally have a better overview of the things you love, it is much easier to do something every day. When we're sad or not in a good mood, we can take this list, pick something, and then just do it!

I'm a big fan of writing lists (you can find my bucket list here) and I think it's a nice technique to get to know yourself a little better. Of course, you can always cross something off the list or add something new. Most of the time, the list automatically extends as soon as you have written it and lived by it.

When we do something that we love every day, our quality of life improves many times over. Excuses like “I don't have time”, “I'm too tired”, “That won't work today anyway” don't count! Of course, not everything that is on the list can be implemented every day. But we all manage at least one point! And that makes a big difference in our mood.

It also teaches us to pay more attention to ourselves and to look at our needs, which is the first step towards self-love. We do so much for others, why don't we just do something for ourselves?

I'm sharing my own list here to give you a little bit of inspiration for your own list. Maybe you like some of the points and you can take them over right away 🙂

What makes you happy? What you do in your free time? What would you most like to do every day?

Have fun finding out and writing it down!

Things that make me happy:

14. Talk about deep things

15. Have great conversations

21. Have new nails done

34. hiking in the mountains

29. lie in my bed

30. Learn about psychology

33. go to good parties

35. Hear inspiring interviews

38. traveling with friends


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